Q&A Session, Sydney

What a day. That is all i have to say, i have been trying to write reports and ID her outfit all day. We're at that stage of the year where the majority of Kristen's outfits will be from the fall 2010 lines. We *may* even see some Cruise 2011 in there depending on her personal choices in clothing. There may be an issue with getting a hold of some defaults as some of the clothing she is wearing may not be available yet. Yes I've said it many time and I'll say it again, the advantages of being Kristen Stewart. Now on with the outfit.

Never in my whole life has a skirt caused me so much annoyance. Seriously that skirt is absolutely fabulous but trying to ID that skirt is a nightmare. My first thought was Balenciaga, Elizabeth and James or Versace. I've been sitting all day trying to finish the huge mass of work i have to complete by tomorrow and Kristen's skirt keeps distracting me. After a few hours it was discovered to be by Jenni Kanye and is a modification of a longer skirt from her spring summer collection (thank you to @kstewartnews for confirming this via Jenny Kanyes twitter). Lets talk about the outfit as a whole, i loved it. Did you? If you actually read what i write both here and on twitter you will know that i absolutely adore yellow so when this skirt (even though it annoyed me all afternoon) appeared i was blissful. I love the structured back of the skirt, despite the skirt being bright yellow leather with a large side zip it almost adds a feminine touch to something that is slightly edgy. Her tee is by Market, she has been wearing alot of their t-shirts since March and guess what? It's only $32 here is the link if you want to snag yourself one before they all sell out : http://www.market-ts.com/shop.cfm/Tee-Shirts/Short-Sleeve/003/. This tee complimented her skirt beautifully, i think if she had chosen a dark black one it may have made the look too dramatic so the charcoal grey suits perfectly. Her shoes are from the Sergio Rossi Fall collection and i took this picture from the press room section of his website, if you scroll along to the lace up ankle booties you can download the picture. Here is the link for anyone who wants to browse the website: http://www.sergiorossi.com/int/en/footer/press_area.aspx i love the shoes and Kristen wears Sergio Rossi so well, it seems to be one of her favourite shoe brands as it has been popping up frequently since New Moon promotion. I'm glad to see the return of her Seiko watch its been absent for a little while along with the rest of her rings. I loved this whole look it was bright and i really want Kristen to bring in more pops of colour throughout this press tour. Also did anyone else think she looked fresh faced? Loving the side ponytail as well, a fantastic way to kick off the promotion tour steeze.

Jenni Kanye Spring/Summer Collection Yellow Leather Mini Skirt with Structured Back (Modified for Kristen into a mini skirt)

Market 'Bridgette' Tee

Buy this t-shirt here: http://www.market-ts.com/shop.cfm/Tee-Shirts/Short-Sleeve/003/

Sergio Rossi Fall 2010 Black Leather Lace Up Ankle Booties

Seiko Watch

All pictures taken from Twitter, markets website, sergio rossis website, coolspotters and kstewartfans and belong to their original owners.

*So a fab way to kick off the promo tour outfits, what did you think? Next stop Korea! I'll meet you there ;)*


i really did LOVE the outfit!
and i adore yellow on her!!!


love the look!!!!! it looks like it's all about freshness and edge, like you said:) the yellow helps to give the 'pop' and the grey is much better than black since it softens the look. also, the back flare of the yellow skirt is a nice feminine touch (although i think it would make me look like a hippo, but this is again the appeal of kristen who pulls off even the ridiculous beautifully) while the black booties are a better choice than pumps since it adds a little badazz to her look:) i'm amazed by the perfect balance of style she pulls off!! must give credit to her stylist as well. very nicely done:D


OMG she looks stunning!!!!! I love the yellow skirt and i love how it is her style what with the t-shirt
her skirt is jenni kayne spring 2010


How the hell do you do it? It boggles my unfashionable mind! LOL


I really loved the outfit.
Has anyone been able to identify the ring she was wearing on her left index finger?


I love the outfit.


OMG, really really like the mini skirt.the back side detail is cute.


I loved this, and it was very simple.
So pretty(:


Great outfit for her.
I love love love the shoes! Yellow is not my colour, but is suits her very good.
And I like the side ponytail :)


she looks KICK ASS


i love her skirt...and her shoes looks perfect!!


Fabulous outfit and fabulous report, thank you!


In terms of fashion, kristen is more girly than any girly girl actress i know at her age... she's so smart and sophisticated, it shows in all her outfit.....for most people, to get this kind of look would take serious brainstorming, but...she just...ahhh...unbelieveble..i'm just speechless...


Her make up in these pictures is perfect. LOVE it


Does anyone know the necklace she wears here? I think she also wore it at the MTV Movie Awards and I love it!

Kristen is so effortlessly stylish and this whole outfit is testament to that, she looks amazing and this has to be one of my favourite Kristen outfit in a while.


I also want to know what kind of necklace is she wearing? I like the length of it! Socute!


omgodness! i totally LOVE this outfit! from the Tee down to the shoes (uuuaaahhh girlcrush) back up to her watch (i missed it on her and i'm desperatly trying to get one but it's sold out EVERYWHERE!)
one of my top 10 outfits on K!


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