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I do apologise for the absence of this over the last few weeks, they may not be here every week unfortunately because of circumstances outwith peoples control. Everyone is kind of wrapping up their university year with exams and work and thats no different for myself and Maria who tapes the tutorials. It's life and it sucks but we can only give the best we can which is what i do here on this blog. I missed all the Oprah stuff because i had a 15 hour day and decided i deserved alcohol after it. Hello drunk me, thats all i have to say a few drinks turned to me stumbling home. I also put up my Elle US post today and it is filled with all kinds of goodies so check it out if you have a chance.

This weeks tutorial is Kristens MET Ball look, it as always kind of highlighted her eyes. I loved the whole look (beside the hair) and i feel this was a more mature Kristen. I think twenty will be a fantastic age of discovery, every year she seems to be more comfortable with herself and more fashion foward so i can't wait to see what twenty brings her.

One again thank you to @kstewmakeup for doing a video this week, i know shes been under the stress of exams so bear with her over the next few weeks.

NOTE: For tutorials you do not need the exact make up @Jacksonville25 uses, similar colours from any brand you feel comfortable using will do.

MET Ball Tutorial

Part 1

Part 2

Met Ball How To

Aapri exfoliant pads
Nivea moisturiser
UD complexion primer potion
L'Oreal true match foundation
Rimmel London stay matte powder
UD shadow primer
Maxfactor earth spirits 101 pale pebble (this colour should match your skin tone)
Rimmel London 621 Orion (or a medium brown)
Barry M #51
UD shadow oil slick (optional to give smoky eye)
Rimmel London professional eyebrow pencil 001 dark brown
Rimmel London glam eyes liquid liner
Rimmel London waterproof eye liner
Maxfactor false lash effect mascara

After exfoliating and moisturising apply primer to the usual places. You can even apply it to your eyebrows and lips to help keep what goes on top in place. Apply your foundation to the usual places also, making sure that you foundation matches your skin tone and that it's blended correctly. Apply a little powder to your nose & cheeks but not too much. Too much will make your skin look dry.

After applying the primer apply a colour which mat he's your skin tone all over the eyelid right up to the brow bone and on the bottom lid. Next use the medium brown to cover the eyelid only. Then apply the Barry M colour to the crease and spread it out towards the outer corner creating a subtle cats eye. The next step is optional if you want a more smokey eye. Apply a black eye shadow to the outer corner only. Make sure it creates a subtle cats eye effect. Next apply the liquid liner to the top lid only. Start the line a 1/4 of the way in gradually making the line thicker. Then take your own pencil eyeliner and fill in where the liquid liner doesn't go which is basically your bottom eyelid and the inner corner of your eye. Make sure to stay in the waterline and as close to the lash line as possible.

Lastly put on tour mascara and you are done with the look. You can apply some lip gloss but keep it natural.

Hope you enjoyed the look!


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