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Okay straight off the bat i'm going to say it, i'm not happy. One picture? One picture? That is straight up robbing us Vogue, you hear me? Kristen looks absolutely fantastic as always, i've been super excited to see the Vogue spread and this is all we get? You have someone like Kristen who has one of the most photogenic faces i have ever seen and is someone who can take a design and make it work simply with her attitude alone. You see that's the thing about Kristen, she's a designers dream because she can carry off the most daring designs and she's willing to take a risk. She should have been the cover in my opinion.

Onto the outfit, isn't it drool worthy? That would be a big fat yes from me. If you follow me on twitter i posted the outfit on my twitpic account straight after the picture came out. Kristens outfit is straight from the runaway and is from Isabel Marants Fall 2010 collection. Now personally i feel metallics work well on Kristen, they reflect well off of her pale skin. She wears the shirt buttoned up which i actually prefer than the loose look on the model. A simple thing like that seems to compliment her hair (weird i know). The skirt has been slightly modified i believe, it looks like some more pleats have been added in than the original runaway design. Her boots are by Jill Stuart, there's no default unfortunately and i looked hard! I want to thank @xTeamRobstenx for cropping the picture of her shoes for me, i appreciate it! Overall the look was sexy, mature yet the metallics gave it a youthful edge. Kristen is making a mark in the fashion industry and i can't wait to see what the Eclipse promotion brings our way steeze wise.

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Isabel Marant Fall 2010 Collection Skirt and Shirt

Jill Staurt Military Lace Up Leather Boots

Thanks to, @xTeamRobstenx and @quiet_soliloquy for pictures
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Yes pissed me off with one picture to, I have seen Blake's boobs cover a magazine before so noting new there.


Read that Kristen got bumped from the cover because she and Wintour couldn't compromise. Vogue wanted to get the scoop and get Kristen to talk about her personal life. She wouldn't and thus got bumped from the cover and it was given to Blake Lively.

I wish to have seen more of Kristen on Vogue but way to go for sticking to her guns and not being forced to sell herself for a cover. Makes me love the girl more.

Read more here:


Well bravo Kristen Stewart!
I think Anna Wintour has finally met her match!
Message to VOGUE- HUGE fail not having Stewart on the cover.

Looking forward to ELLE US, ELLE UK and FLAUNT magazines -ALL with Stewart on their covers!

Stewart will not be kowtowing to anyone, including Wintour.
Gotta admire that young lady! :)


check this out :

What a bummer!!!!!


kristen looks sooo awesome as usual!!!! she makes it look better than the model, hehe:) and her legs!!!!! she should get them insured like jlo her butt!!! they're too fantastic!!
and i don't get why she wasn't on the cover. she def has more star power than blake lively. oh well, it's vogue's loss:(


Love the picture, but WHY only one?
I hope we'll see some more soon ;)



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