Kristen to go 'On The Road' a look at 1940s -1950s Fashion

*This post is dedicated to one of my followers, i can not find your tweet but you sent me a picture of a 1950s look and asked if i was doing this. Here is is and it's for you let me know if you liked it.*

Kristen Stewart is set to begin filming 'On The Road' this August a film based on the novel of the same name by Jack Kerouac. The film will see her playing the role of Mary Lou a rather sexually driven character. This is a different role for Kristen and will see her play a more mature and sexual character, i personally am excited to see her in this role as i believe it will be the role that will take the Twilight label off her. Twilight is a huge part of her life but it isn't the best acting role we have seen her play and i feel this role will allow fans who are mainly aware of her for Twilight to see her for the true talented actress she is.

“Marylou was a pretty blonde with immense ringlets of hair like a sea of golden tresses; she sat there on the edge of the couch with her hands hanging in her lap and her smoky blue country eyes fixed in a wide stare because she was in an evil gray New York pad that she’d heard about back West, and waiting like a longbodied emaciated Modigliani surrealist woman in a serious room. But, outside of being a sweet little girl, she was awfully dumb and capable of doing terrible things.”
- On The Road

The narrative is dated at 1947 and the book was written and published in the 1950s making this the era of fashion for the movie. This is probably one of the reasons i am excited for this movie, the fashion. 1950s fashion is perhaps one of my favourite fashion eras and to see my favourite star in this kind of clothing........ i simply have no words. Kristen has never really starred in a more period piece of work so for my readers who are not familiar with this era of fashion this post is dedicated to taking a look back and looking at potential looks for the movie. The character i believe will have a more beat up look through out but this is just general overview of the fashion era for you to look at. I see her in more casual clothing from this time, maybe more beat up dresses but given that her character is seductive you never know.


The late forties was an era in time where the country was moving in a different fashion direction after the recovery of the war. Glamour returned with Dior single handedly bringing an end to the war time clothing with the christening of a new look. Knee length skirts, draped dresses, clinched waists, emphasised bust lines and padded hips became a key feature in clothing. Pencil skirts also became an alternative to full bodied skirts.

Christian Dior Fall 1948

Late 1940s Pattern Drafting Book

Full Knee Length Skirts and Clinched Waists all key Features of the Late 1940s Fashion Era


Gloves were a key feature to women's clothing and a women were not properly accessorised without gloves to finish their look. Gloves were either cotton, sometimes chiffon and leather for those who could afford them.

Late 1940s Glove Styles

The shoes of this era were often very high with rounded or peep toes. By mid 1950 we saw pointed toe shoes become more popular with some standing at 5 inches tall.

Late 1940s Shoe Advert

Balenciaga were first to show the 'pillbox' hat which became the hat of the 50s and later the hat of the 60s. It featured veil which covered part of the face giving way to the 'new look' glamour.

Hat featuring Veil Cover

Hats and Hairstyles of 1947

From Vintage Vogue Issue

*I hope this helped, i am ridiculously excited for filming to begin to see how they dress Kristen. I have not yet read the book but i plan to do so this summer before filming to get a better grasp on the character as a whole. This is just a general report on this fashion era during filming i may post a more detailed one.*

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wow... :D
honestly... i couldn't imagine her in these stuffs... i dunno why, it's just too... it's so not like her style :D like, she actually doesn't have hourglass shape, though that was like a must in the 50's, 60's... but whatever:D i can't wait to see her in this movie :D

by the way that Dior dress is beautiful... O.O


kerouac doesn't really talk much about mary lou's clothing from my memory but because the characters are from the whole 'beat' generation they tend to wear roughed up things.
kerouac mentions sweaty t-shirts and jeans, broken trainers etc. for the guys.

so i think it will be more casual which we know looks amazing on kristen!
it would be equally amazing to see them interpret the fashion in the way you have.
i think you'll have a better understanding of the feel after reading the book definitely :)! x


This is just a general overview to the era of fashion, i believe her character will have a more rougher look to her but this is the fashion era the book is written in.


yeah, she's going to look so hot


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