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I don't have words, i truely don't even know what to say to you guys to be honest........ this is hands down one of the best photoshoots we have ever seen Kristen in. Its up there with 'Interview Magazine' in 2009, why? Well not only does it feature phenomenal styling/hair/make up looks but it caputures where Kristen is in her life at this point. Interview magazine was showing badass Joan Jett Kristen with her black shag and dark edgy clothing/heavy make up. This is almost a more sexual shoot, she's 20 now and i see a woman who is now comfortable with herself and who she is. Beautiful, simply beautiful. Her body, damn Kristen! I want that body! Whoever the stylist was done a fantastic job of creating looks that compliment Kristens figure whilst bringing in a youthful sexiness to it. Everything here is classy, everything here is Kristen.

Now i know there is some confusion but i think the Elle UK and Elle US issues will be different spreads because the backstage video showed Kristen in some outfits not shown in this spread. I feel treated that we get two whole spreads, think of the steeze! The Elle UK magazine comes out June 2nd i think so you can bet i'll be here and ready to post (p.s I've started my draft already). By the way just incase Elle in fact tell you what Kristen is wearing in the article so the whole thing here was actually pretty easy, so thanks Elle. Moving on....

Why not start with the cover, which i feel was different from the actual inside spread. Kristen wears a beige version of these Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2010 high waisted shorts. I love them! She doesn't get to wear enough shorts and she looks comfortable in the. Ah there is that Cartier Love Bracelet again, she wore this back in Harpers Bazaar in 2009. Its an ultimate classic and romantic design. Now let me share a fact about me, i have a watch fetish. I literally feel naked without one on so this had me drooling. You have to appreciate beautiful jewellery and this piece is stunning. This particular watch is by Cartier (and thanks to Vogue because i got the default of it from them).

Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2010 Collection High Waisted Shorts
See Tommy Hilfigers Fall 2010 Collection here : http://tiny.cc/u8n91

Cartier 'Love' Bracelet

Cartier Animal print Watch

This look here features Kristen in a Stella McCartney dress from her pre-fall 2010 collection. Lace is always something i personally love to work with in dress making because a small hint of it can always make a garment sexy. I love how the entire top part is lace, this is very out there and sexy without being tacky. Stella knows how to work her lace well and i love how it should be revealing but its not actually showing much skin. Could many people pull it off? I don't think so and thats what makes Kristen great because when she likes something she rocks it with an attitude no one can top. The boots are Giuseppe Zanotti and compliment the whole look. I'd like to see Kristen in more over the knee boots because she has the legs for them and as i said before she can pull something like this off without looking like shes trying to appear sexual, it just comes naturally with this woman.

Stella McCartney Pre Fall 2010 Collection
See Stella McCartneys Pre Fall 2010 Collection Here: http://tiny.cc/myt20

Giuseppe Zanotti Over the Knee Boots

Next look sees Kristen wearing a Versus strappy dress from their fall 2010 collection. I love this dress in ways i can not explain enough, the colour is fabulous against her porcelin skin. I know we see Kristen in a lot of dark colours but this dress is a step out from what she normally wears, its sexy with all the straps showing skin and the built in bra structure. The skirt flares out, i love that because it complimenting her figure quite nicely. This is one of my favourite dresses from the shoot simply because i think the sexy edge compliments Kristen as a person. It's nice when a stylist looks at who you are and takes their styling ideas from that. Youthful, edgy and sexy what can i say?

Versus Fall 2010 Collection
See Versus Fall 2010 Collection Here: http://tiny.cc/limvr

First thing is first, can i live in a room full of Kristen pictures? We need wallpaper companies to start making rolls of this stat! It would be a top seller. Kristen is rocking Mr Oscar De La Renta here. This particular dress is actually from the Pre Fall 2010 collection and features chiffon and patent detail. The patent brings something special into the look and compliments the shoes nicely. Kristens shoes are Christian Louboutin Zhora Pumps, i love the clear sides on the shoe and that red sole gets me every time. I love Louboutins i really do think he creates the most fabulous shoes and he always has something for everyone. Her jewellery is also from Oscar de La Renta and is featured on the pre fall collection runaway models.

Oscar De La Renta Pre Fall 2010 Collection Chiffon and Black Patent Dress
See Oscar De la Rentas Pre Fall Collection Here: http://tiny.cc/41vxm

Christian Louboutin Zhora Pumps

Hello sexy Kstew! The legs on show - check. The back on show - check. These are two of Kristens best features, yes i know saying her back is one of her best features is weird but some people just can't pull off backless *points to self*. Here her shorts and halter top are by Giorgio Armani. The defaults aren't great for this look, the shorts are featured on the runaway but the model is covering them with her flowing top. The halter top Kristen wears actually isn't featured on the runaway but is by the same designer. I love that the black on these outfits is metallic almost, it gives the outfit the glam factor and makes the whole look sensual and dramatic. The shoes featured in this look are by Ballenciaga and come from their Pre Fall 2010 collection. I love Balenciagas shoes, this is a designer i think Kristen wears quite well (think Twilight L.A premiere and New Moon Madrid Fan event). Another fantastic styling choice.

Giorgio Armani Spring 2010 Collection Beaded Shorts
See Gorgio Armanis Spring 2010 Collection Here: http://tiny.cc/0rq15

Giorgio Armani Speing 2010 Collection Beaded Halter Top

Balenciaga Pre Fall 2010 Collection Wedge Boots

See Balenciagas Pre Fall 2010 Collection Here: http://tiny.cc/4z6ss

Green isn't a colour we see on Kristen very often and it's a shame because she looks fantastic in it. This particular dress is not an on the runaway look but it is a design modified. This happens alot, things get made in different colours and such so there isn't a particular default for this. What i have provided is a picture of the original design from the Fall 2010 Dolce and Gabanna collection and Kristens version is just a modification of that particular design. I love the lace overlay on the lepoard print, lepoard print can go either way these days - tacky or classy. I think this was the better of the two and i wish we had gotten to see more of the dress than just the upper half!

Dolce & Gabanna Fall 2010 Collection Lepoard Print Dress with Lace Overlay (Kristen wears a modified design in green)

See Dolce and Gabannas Fall 2010 Collection Here: http://tiny.cc/9gkzs

I was thinking about these backdrops the other day, they are part of the shoot but the hair and styling make me believe they were taken some time last year perhaps. Kristens layers in her hair are much shorter and this particular 'look' seems similar to the Gloss Magazine picture. Both were from Calvin Klein so i'm not sure if that particular shoot was done by Elle or is just featured, all i know is i want to see more pictures from this shoot! I loved the backdrop idea and the rooms full of Kristen pictures, its different and gives the shoot several different looks.

Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2010 Collection White Suit

See Calvin Kleins Spring Collection Here: http://tiny.cc/8jfpj

Thank you to style.com, elle mag, chanel.com, saksfithavenue.com and kstewartfans for all the pictures.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I love all the work you're doing for us! Please continue!


Beautiful as always! She kills in those shorts, and hello, Versus, it's a great fit.

The stylist was Mr. Joe Zee (@mrjoezee). Love him, he hails from our hometown.


Thank you. This definitely one of THE best shoots of hers! <3


yes, UK and US is different shoots and different interviews! love to see what UK did to.


is it just me or does Kristen happen to be wearing all those outfits better than the actual models? hahaha, god love you KStew (:


she is just too beautiful to be true
no wait, she is a true woman!
wow, that's so amazing....



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