Who Wore It Better?

I mentioned in my flaunt post that Beyonce had been spotted wearing these boots at coachella but the other day i noticed Lady GaGa wearing them. Kristen was first pictured in these in her Flaunt Magazine spread so i ask you who wore the Chanel Calfskin Biker Boots better?


Kristen Stewart

Lady GaGa


i don't know why...
the three women are all pretty and sexy
but kristine's legs look much much much longer than the other two's!

and...the boots make beyonce and lady gaga a little bit too "strong"...i guess you know what i mean



yeah i agree with carrie, kristens legs look really long but the other twos look quite chunky although they are definatley NOT!


i know i'm a Kristen fan. but Beyonce is ROCKIN' those boots. so imma have to say her..
Kristen still looks amazing but Beyonce looks better in them..
they don't look good on Lady Gaga.. well, with that outfit..


but.. NGL, Kristen's legs look fuckhawt in those boots.


Kristen obviously! XD


they photoshopped Kristens legs in that shoot. her legs are nice but they are nottt that long. you can even see the boots were stretched too. I like the picture but I don't think they needed to photoshop it to make her look taller.

I like the boots on everyone


though lady gaga & beyoce are taller than kstew, she seems taller! she just got the legs!


it's an amazing difference.
they look absolutly great in Kristen.


I think kristen.
As far as the photoshop comment.. she could have been on her toes or had a heels on a board.. or the boots might have been a different version entirely. there are so many things. i wouldnt just assume photoshop was used. and that dress is really short(and awesome) which makes her legs look mega long.


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