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What do you even say to something like this? I literally have NO clue. Scans came out from Kristens UK Elle Magazine spread (thanks @quiet_soliloquy) and can i just address Elle First?

Dear Elle, I love you. Hearts me x

Next THIS my friends is how you dress one miss Kristen Stewart. We've had the dark, rocker look and it's fab and sexy but this? THIS is really something else. They have brought in pastels, lace, polka dots (awesome) and is that a hint of a Dolce bodysuit? You bet your Kristen loving asses it is. I thought my computer was going to melt from hot steeze overload.

Okay serious now i loved the shoot, it was mature, sexy and showed a woman who is comfortable with herself, sexy and downright beautiful. Props to Elle and props to the stylist for giving us not only this fantastic shoot but the US cover aswell. They gave you your moneys worth because both shoots are entirely different, different looks, different styles and a different Kristen. This shows you why designers love her - because she can be edgy and youthful but she can be mature and sexy. That is rare and that is why i adore this woman, that is why i write this blog about this woman.

Okay so now onto the looks, lets start off with the first look we see here which features Kristen wearing a dress from the Prada Fall 2010 collection. Look at it on the model and look at it on Kristen....big difference huh? It looks so mature and ill fitting yet Kristen makes it work which is something i give her props for. I love the hair in this picture also, the whole look is so soft yet so Kristen....

Prada Fall 2010 Collection Dress

The next look is absolutely swoon worthy, i wish it was in colour so we could see the gorgeous salmon colour of this playsuit but none the less it is absolutely beautiful. Here kristen wears a Vanessa Bruno Playsuit from the Fall 2010 Collection with some Prada Fall 2010 socks. I love the socks, in fact i'm crushing on all the socks in this shoot they look so cosy and comfy. This is a different look aswell, i'd love to see Kristen wearing more playsuits (she certainly has the legs for it) and i hope maybe she'll dare to wear one during Eclipse promotion.

Vanessa Bruno Fall 2010 Collection Wool Playsuit

Prada Fall 2010 Collection Wool Socks

This is one of my favourite pictures from the shoot, she just looks so relaxed and comfortable. The cardigan is by Clements Ribeiro and i am absolutely in love with it, i love the beading detail and the cashmere looks absolutely lush the pale pink colours seem to suit Kristens pale complextion so well, i hope we see her wear more of this colour in the near future. Her shorts are by 3.1 Phillip Lim and they are in fact under the default runaway picture i posted in case anyone gets confused. If you look closely you can see the metal of the shorts sticking out from under the dress, i have no idea why you would cover such a beautiful garment up with a long flowing tunic but they are under there. Her socks look absolutely lush! I want them! They are from the Prada Fall 2010 Collection (I now have a Prada sock obsession).

Clements Ribeiro Fall 2010 Beaded Cashmere Cardigan

3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2010 Collection Eyelet Detail Shorts

                                            eyelet shorts

Prada Fall 2010 Collection Wool Socks

This is actually one of the more suprising looks in my opinion because we rarely see Kristen dressed in polka dots (is there anything she can't rock?). Here Kristen wears a polka dot blouse by Dolce and Gabanna, i love the sheer silk fabric it gives the whole garment a slight sexy edge to it. Her skirt is also by Dolce and Gabbanna and is from their Fall 2010 collection. I love the tweed of the skirt, it really stands out and the little hint of lace again gives it a sexy edge. The thigh high socks are by Vanessa Bruno and are extremely sexy in a subtle way. I love this look.

Dolce and Gabanna Fall 2010 Collection Silk Polka Dot Blouse

Dolce and Gabanna Fall 2010 Collection Tweed and Lace Skirt

Vanessa Bruno Fall 2010 Collection Wool Thigh High Socks

This look is very mature, very mature and very sexy. I love the coat on her, it looks much better worn by her than the model on the runaway and the fabric is to die for (i'd be snuggling the coat too Kristen, i would be too....). Her coat is by Aquascutum and comes from their Fall 2010 Collection, i love the warm beige colour it looks stunning against the pale porcelin of her skin. Her bodysuit is by Dolce and Gabanna. I've looked through all of Dolces fall collection and Kristen is almost bra like an the back with the thick straps so i believe the bodysuit under the lace dress overlay is the one she is wearing. It's just plain black with no lace hints to it. Her socks are once again the Vanessa Bruno thigh high socks.

Aquascutum Fall 2010 Collection Wool Coat

Dolce and Gabanna Fall 2010 Collection Bodysuit (Worn under lace dress)

Vanessa Bruno Fall 2010 Collection Wool Thigh High Socks

This last look i posted way back when it originally came out. This is an outfit i wasn't particularly fond of on the runaway yet i absolutely loved on Kristen. The shorts are so unusual and an absolutely stunning fabric. I love red so any chance to see it on Kristen i jump at. The entire outfit here has been picked straight from the runaway and is by D&G. The socks are the same the same black thigh high socks she has worn for the majority of this shoot - they are from Vanessa Brunos Fall 2010 Collection.

D&G Fall 2010 Collection Wool Sweater, Leather and Wool Shorts & Leather Belt(All seen here)

Vanessa Bruno Fall 2010 Collection Wool Thigh High Socks

*Once again thank you to @quiet_soliloquy for the scans and style.com for all the runaway pictures i had fun raiding their site.*

A pretty fantastic shoot don't you think?

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sigh...no words...too much...pretty and fashion porn and kristen porn to handle....thanks!


i wish i was her. i would look like a clown in EVERYTHING there. the end :)

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shes an insparation 2 me her rob and taylor and the books so i will never have anything bad 2 say about them or the twilight saga or the movies they always satisfy me with pleasure. :)


Kristen looks gorgeous in what ever she wears! She's a beautiful and independent woman.


There's so much steeze in this post!!! I'm in love with the Prada dress and wool socks, and the polka dot blouse.
Amazing photoshoot, so classy and simple. Great post bb!


Wow Kristen is amazing and so unique I love this girl


Absolutely fantastic!!~ I'm officially dead~~~



what a beautiful creature everything she wears is so damn beautiful. God bless you Kristen.


Awwwwwww, this is AWESOME! Thank you Elle!



wow..ur blog is so AMAZING!! i love all ur post, i love Kstew's fashion.


First off ~ YOU are awesome for posting this incredible blog. I'm amazed at how well you capture the fashion essence of this young lady.

This by far is my favorite photoshoot of Kristen; she is so stunningly beautiful in the playsuit ~ as you said, simply swoon worthy. I'm practically old enough to be Kristen's mother, and I'm awed by her sense of style and natural beauty.


thx for the blog..seriously...im obsessed with kristen & luv evrything she wears


looking to see this since could not find the magazine yet........she is breathtaking in all of these shots. Wish this was the US version.......amazing...


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