Kristens Elle Behind the scenes and Teaser

So i get woken up last night to tell me there are some new Kristen pictures i must not miss. Lets just say it was worth waking up for 100%. This is just a behind the scenes video so i am very excited to see the full spread. First thing i noticed....Stella McCartney. Delicious. This is how you style Kristen Stewart so i applaud you Elle she looks absolutely fabulous. The shoot seems a little misleading, the front cover is feminine and pretty and inside she looks like a complete sex bomb. Her body looks fab, the clothes really compliment her figure and those legs that go on for miles (jealous). Her hair looks fantastic as does the make up. What else can i say other than i am excited? We should get the full spread soon but until then there is a teaser below the video. I won't be posting until i have the full magazine spread in front of me but i think that won't be far away ;)

Kristen Stewart Elle Shoot Behind the Scenes

Elle Post Teaser......

Versus Fall 2010 Collection

Stella McCartney Pre Fall 2010 Collection

Hello sexy Kstew, i'll have the psot up as soon as i see the full spread because i like to have all the looks in the one place. I'm off out for a 14 hour day. It's 7:30 am *grumbles* i'll talk to you in the evening wish me luck.

Thanks to and kstewartfans for the pictures and @RespectKStew on twitter for the video.


this new layout looks AMAZING! I absolutely love it!


What a goregous redesign and banner! Makes it easier to read. Love this ed. Think the ELLE styling is the best yet, or at least, a welcome change-up from the rocker look.

Glad I'm not going crazy, the Stella Mc. dress is the one Mia Wasikowska wore while promoting Alice:

Krstien rocks it. Great teaser ;)


I fell in love with her all over again when I saw the sneak peek of this photoshoot.
What I love about it besides the obvious??? That in the first picture she's playing with a shot of herself where she's doing the infamous bottom lip bite.
That's glam.


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