Kristen arriving in NYC

So Kristen is in NYC, she is attending a costume gala tomorrow. I have an extremely early morning Tuesday so with the time difference i'll try and have a post up when i can but it may be the night or day after. I have to agree with many people over on Twitter when it was said that Kristen is looking very slim. I said this about the Coachella pictures, if you look at her in February she has more curves and now shes very trim. I love her any way but she is looking tiny right now, take care of yourself beautiful.

That being said her skin looks stunning and flawless as always, i am totally jealous of her face. She wear jeans by Denim of virtue, you can purchase them here I do love these jeans, she always manages to wear the most lush skin tight jeans alot of people could never pull off. Theres something sexy about a simple skinny jeans/tee combo. She wears her navy laceless KEDS again, like the previous post i've included a laceless and navy version since i can't get a decent default. I really love her Blackhearts Records Hoodie, i guess she got a bunch of Blackhearts merchandise when she played Joan Jett. You can purchase the hoodie here for just $35. She carries her favour Nike Lair All Access backpack and wears her Mont Blanc Sunglasses. Looking beautiful as always Kristen have fun at the gala.

Denim of Virtue Patience Tapered Leg Jeans in Acid Blue

Keds Champion Sneakers (Kristen wears a navy laceless version both navy and laceless are posted here)



Blackheart Records Hoodie

Nike All Access Lair backpack

Mont Blanc MB214SW Sunglasses

Thank you to kstewartfans for the pictures.


I so adore her very very very much.... but those jeans are just... fug. :(


oh god did you browse mu spot on COOLSPOTTERS?
I would be proud:)


She looks so cute. Some people think she looks buffer from the Coachella pictures and now some think she looks too tiny. Poor baby can't win. I hope she get some rest. Love all the clothes, especially the Blackheart hoodie.


@papagaj no honey i posted the link to where i got them from :)


o, luv how kristen rawks a pair of acid wash jeans. goodlord, only kstew can make them look good, haha!!


Is that another jacket she's carrying? Wat izzit?


I like her look in that picture. She is tiny but looking healthy. She got a flawless tight skin not sagging and bloathing like most of the youngsters today.


Kristen looks pretty...flawless


It's the same jacket she wore out the front of her house on the 12 Dec 2009. Not sure if it was ever Identified though.

Does anyone know where her hat is from??


The jeans are awesome. Everyone is asking about them. Only Kristen could bring acid wash jeans back. I like how she and ASB coordinate now. They are so going to be twinsies and poor Jimmy Fallon will be sad that she has yet another bestie.


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Looking at a post at

Kristen has the new design (with the black and white woman not the yellow one).

She looks so gorgeous!!


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I`m pretty sure that she wore the jacket she is carrying again in June 2011. Look at the London pic`s the night after the Glamour Women of the Year Awards. She was out with Tom Sturridge and Sienna Miller. And the leather jacket she wore looks like this one.


what kind of that cap ?


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