Kristens Shoe Steeze Evolution

There is so little going feels like the quiet before the storm so to speak. We'll be seeing more of Kristen towards the end of this month and through to late June. Right now though its silence which of course left me with the question 'what to blog about?'. I thought about it and decided i'd go with my love of shoes that is. I am a huge shoe lover (last night i was holding a pair of louboutins, not mine but they were gorgeous) so i was inspired because Kristen has been wearing the most fantastic shoes as of late and i've been drooling all over my keyboard. Back in 2008 all the way up to mid 2009 Kristen always wore black patent shoes, look back and you'll see its rare that she wore any others (yes the red Stella McCartney patent shoes from Much Music spring to mind) apart from on the odd occassion. So i decided to show you this evolution because shoes can make a whole outfit (and because i just want to look at shoes in general).

I'm extremely excited for the Eclipse promotional tour to begin because thats when Kristen seems to bring out the best shoe steeze. Eclipse is highly anticipated and designers know all eyes will be on the cast so i think we will see some very fantastic outfits and some very very special shoes very soon.

Do you see the evolution aswell?

Sergio Rossi Marissa Cut Out Pumps

Gucci Page Mid Heel Pumps

Chanel T-Strap Heels

Stella McCartney Metal-Heel Patent Pumps

Burberry Riveted Court Shoes

Rock & Republic Nika Studded Pumps

Giuseppe Zanotti Cindy Ankle Boots

Burberry Porsum Suede Platform Shoes

Sergio Rossi Cachet Leather Peep Toes

Jimmy Choo Karina Leather and Fishnet Sandals

Christian Louboutin Bianca Platform Pumps

Bally Stann Platform Pumps

Christian Louboutin Studio 120 Peep-toe Pumps

Christian Louboutin Glitter Declic Pumps

Sergio Rossi Peep Toe Pumps

Jerome C. Rousseau Borealis Platform Sandal

Doesn't this make you excited for Eclipse promo to begin? I can hardly wait..............


It sure does, I love her shoe collection and can't wait to see what steeze she turns up in next. Great work.


I loveeee !


great job!


how can she wear those heals..they look good on her..can't wait to what shoes she'll wear for eclipse premier and on all the eclipse promotion..


Kstew's shoeporn is the best porn. And I have on question. How did you make your damn awesome layout?


NEVER get tired of watching Kstew shoeporn!!!!! love, love, LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D


Her shoe's are amazing. So amazing. I love it how she can rock the 4 inch hills w/o falling.


Giuseppe Zanotti Cindy Ankle Boots<--- are my favorite, i would kill for these.


So..what happens to the shoes afterwards? We used to see repeats on the Twilight promo tour but lately she seems to wear-once...hmmm wonder what size she wears ;-)


Ah Kristen é diva, não adianta, e esses maravilhosos sapatos, um mais lindo que o outro...


For a girl who wears so many sneakers she wears these heels well! I however wouldn't last 5 minutes in anything over an inch high. Just another reason I love her.
Love your blog as always!!


dies a little.....I would love to be able just to try on those shoes!! And as always she looks lovely as ever!


Awesome... this is just awesome. I wish I owned some of those... *sigh*

Did you see the new People magazine? They did an Eclipse Special Edition Issue... There are lots of old PIctures in there but some new ones I haven't seen also... possible blog???


loved your job.. sergio rossi are my favorite..
maira greece


KIKI!!!! I died like 20 times! love love love, the steeze is sick! The Shoe Whore is swooning hard.


Great job! I obssesively love those shoes <333



I wonder what Kristen looks like when she's wearing a pair of Vibram Fiver Fingers Bikila?^_^




gozel qiz ya


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