FHMs Sexiest Women

I'm sorry this had to be posted, literally i was just told Kristen has made 6th place in FHMs 'Sexiest Women' list. She is the highest new entry..........................all i can say is about time. It's nice to see you don't have t0 have surgery, fake hair long nails and a fake tan to be recognised as sexy. I'd like to think Kristen is a different kind of beauty, she just oozes natural sex appeal without wearing almost nothing and dressing up. She walks around in her jeans, her hair messy and in a baggy tee i love that she doesn't pretend to be someone shes not.

*sigh* that skin, such a natural beauty without even trying

Alot of people are influenced by people around them telling them what they should look like, all i can say is it's about time real women were recognised for what they are - true beauties.

A title well deserved don't you think ?

Never have Converse and bitchfacing been so sexy, i'll leave you with that ;)


beautiful pics! she rocks the casual style <3


bitchface<3 = FTW!

i am so jealous of her perfect skin... T~T
i would bathe in her bathwater, if i can look like that..


She's so fresh looking and her features are to die for. Especially her skin.
Just taking proper care of yourself; and anyone can have skin like her if you start from the right age.
Always apply cream in the morning and before bed. Never use soap on your skin. Always take off your make up. Wear SPF in your skin cream. Don't bask in sun for hours.

...wow, since when was I a skin professional? lol

She's stunning. As always..


Yes, she deserved it!
Congratulations, Kristen.




some people have great skin & some aren't as blessed to such skin... T^T

and it looks like k-stew doesn't even get any pimples.. so jealous.. lol

oh how one day i would love to meet her.. and be graced by her presence..


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