How To Get Kristens EW Photoshoot Hair

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Check her Polyvore page for a full list of each product both cheaper and more expensive:

For this look Kristen's hair is slightly wavy, and bed head ruffled, plus it also shows off the layers in her hair. Kristen's a small girl, and this particular hair cut shows off her facial bone structure really well. Now that the Jett haircut is growing out - even though I'm gonna kind of miss it because she in full on badass mode - it's getting back to the length where it shows off her face again.

Not that the Jett didn't, but let's face it, the Jett did was it was supposed to do!

The wavy hair is also a really natural look for Kristen and is something that any one can do, no matter what type of hair you've got. Doesn't matter if your hair is straight, naturally wavy, or naturally curly.

I'm gonna tips for each type of hair though, so that way you can each know how to do it.

First, start off by shampooing and conditioning your hair.
Tip: I listed, in both the expensive and cheap products, two different types of shampoos and conditioners used for people with curly hair. Even if you have straight hair you can use these. I simply listed them because the both provide the right kinds of nutrients for your hair that keep it from frizzing, and will lock in moisture. I myself have used both, and they are all really good.

Step 1:
Next towel dry your hair by blotting it, instead of wrapping the towel around your strands. Then, using a wide toothed comb, comb through your hair to release it of tangles. If your hair tangles really easily I suggest using a spray leave in conditioner, or No More Tangles from Johnson and Johnson.

Step 2:
Apply the styling product of your choice.
Tip: If your hair is straight, or wavy I suggest using either the frizz styling spray, from the expensive line, or the John Frieda Dream Curls, from the cheap line. If your hair is naturally curly, I recommend either the frizz styling creme, from the expensive examples, or the Garnier Wave Enhancing spray from the cheap.

Then comb through your hair again, to fully distribute the product all throughout your hair.
Tip: If your hair is naturally curly, thick, or just usually unruly you might want to do that with the vent brush to provide more leverage, and if so, then start at the ends of your hair and work your way up to the roots - this releases tangles with out the usual snagging.

Step 3:
Blow dry your hair with the vent attachment, not the diffuser.
Tip: It is easier to achieve the wavy results you want, by drying your hair by flipping your head upside down. Then, take your fingers, and lightly brush them back and forth in even strokes over your scalp, sort of like your "mussing" up your hair as you dry it.
If you do have naturally curly hair, you might want to brush your fingers throughout your hair as you dry to ensure that it waves more than curling. If it does curl some, don't worry, we'll solve that in our next step.

Once hair is dry, move onto to Step 4:
First, start off by sectioning off your hair into small parts, while you heat up your 1.5" curling iron. If you don't have a 1.5" barreled iron a 1" will work just as fine.
Tip: If you have short hair, use a 1" barrel instead.

Next, going one section at time, curl your hair with the curling iron. You can use the clamp, but it's better on your hair if you don't.

Wait for your hair to cool. When it does, flip your head back over, and run your fingers through your hair to separate the strands, again, "mussing" it up.
Tip: If your hair is too curly, then run a brush through it. Then muss it up again by flipping your head up side down again. If it is still too curly then try to flatten some of the strands out using the curling iron, and loosely dragging is down your hair by curling the strands around it, without using the clamp.

Tip: If you want your style to look like "pieces", in other words, have a harder edge to it, and not so soft, I suggest using a small dab of the wax or pommade. Distribute this by rubbing the product between your fingers, and then lightly brushing your hair with your fingers, paying particularly close attention to the ends of you hair.

Tip: If you hair is falling flat later on, trying spraying some hair spray directly onto your roots, and then mussing up your hair again.


Hi! I have a little question...How do you know exactly what product to use ? Are they exactly the same than Kristen uses ?
Thanks :)


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