Bobby Long Gig

I'm not sure of the particular date this was...........if you know please share. I know they were out at a gig, was it Bobby Long? I think so. Feels like forever since i've posted one of these, i have a few looks i haven't covered that i'll get done during the Kristen Drought. *sniff* I miss her and her mad steeze. I chose this look first because well, i think she looks crazy hot. I don't know what it is she just looks very sexy in these pictures, i think this might have been the first time i thought the mullet (correction shag, sorry Joan Jett don't kill me) looked hot when it was growing out.

Kristen wore her Diesel Clush Jeans in Black, i love those jeans they are a great fit on her. She wore her 'The Body Shop' Vintage Tee (she wore it again back in February when she hung out with Sean Penn remember?). Jacket wise she brought out her favourite vintage POP leather bomber jacket. The great thing about buying a leather jacket is that they last a long time if you get a good one and once you have worn them in they look great with anything. They are the sort of jacket you can keep for years and always go back too plus leather never goes out of fashion. Shoes wise she wore her Converse Star Player EV Sneakers (she has an interesting collection of bright sneakers). Accessories wise she wore her usual favourites - her Little Red Riding Hood Spoon Ring. her 'Bella' Moonstone Ring and her Seiko Watch.

Diesel Clush Jeans in Black

'The Body Shop' Vintage Tee

POP Vintage Leather Bomber Jacket

Converse Star Player EV Sneakers

Little Red Riding Hood Spoon Ring

'Bella' Moonstone Ring

Seiko Watch


Cool! Love her :)


HOOOOTTTTTTTTTT! omg. that first picture caused minor lickage of the screen!


Can anyone ID her hat?? Its cute as


When you say vintage body shop shirt, is it actually really old or is that the style intent?



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