Kristen in Gloss Magazine

Its early! I'm writing this before i head out for the day *sigh* can't i just stay at home and do this? So i woke up this morning to a pleasant suprise, Kristen in Gloss magazine. She's just showing up everywhere these days and i'm not suprised she is very photogenic. The only problem is there is only one picture, we were robbed!

Shes wearing a very lovely dress from the Calvin Klein Resort 2010 collection. As you can tell by the picture it has been modified slightly for Kristen, the original is quite long so the stylist has brought this up to make it almost a bubble hem for Kristen. I actually prefer it this way, it's more youthful and i love white on Kristen it contrasts with the dark hair quite nicely. I'm looking at her hair thinking this must have been taking a little while ago because her hair has kind of grown out of those layers now. I see her hair right now as an in between styles way where its growing out into another style. Anyway let me know what you think about this picture.................quite nice for the 6th sexiest woman in the world huh? ;)

Calvin Klein Resort 2010 Collection Dress (Modified for Kristen)

Thanks to the lovely twilightish blog for the scans :)


Her eye color with her dark hair...UNf*ckingbelieveable.

That's all.


Awwww, she looks SO gorgeous! And we had to wait for these photos such a long time. That's unfair. But i'm happy after all and now i can't wait for the rest (i hope there are some more).



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