What is Your Favourite Kristen Looks from Over the Years?

So i'm starting to draft a few things together for Kristens birthday posts, i have a few posts that day covering a few things. I was wanting to put together a post of all YOU guys favourite Kristen looks from over the years. Get creative and take a look back over the last few years, leave me the looks in the comment box below and i'll make sure they are in the post. It can be any kind of premire look, photoshoot look, appearance, casual whatever just send me your favourite pictures.

Second you can send me or leave me a comment saying what your favourite items of Kristens are, perhaps a watch? Ring, Shoes or a specific tee she wears. I'm doing a a ton of different posts this one will be your favourite Kristen things.

You can e-mail me at kstewfashion@btinternet.com

Send me your suggestions and i'll close this around mid day Thursday the 8th.

I'll meet you on the 9th :)


i really love what she wore to the mtv movie awards last year and also the new moon premier in LA, i thought her dress and hair looked beautiful!But one of my very favourites is the dress she wore at the NYC Runaways premier, i thought that was just breathtaking! One of my favourite items are the red louboutins she wore to the new moon promotion in madrid, 2009, i just think they are amazing. I also love that watch she always wears!
hope this is okay!
your blog is amazing! :)


I dont know why but I LOVE the Adventureland premiere dress. That color. The makeup. Her robust-ness. UNF.

And my favorite item has always been her spoon ring. Which I think is now a thing of the past :(


The Chanel ring comes to mind right away.


her Chanel ring is my favorite! to die for...the outfit she wore to the MuchMusic awards promoting Twilight in 2008, her nuns with guns hoodie for sure, MTV movie awards 2009 (of course), and for some reason i loved the outfit she wore at Sundance the day she promoted The Runaways. But the converse she wore the day before promoting WTTR were amazing. and her leather jacket she wears quite often...wore it to her Letterman appearance promoting Adventureland...that one. and her Bella moonstone ring. sorry once i got going i couldn't stop. lol.


gosh, there are so many! ... I love her Chanel t-strap heels and of course the Chanel ring, the navy & white striped Camilla & Marc (I think?) dress she wore during Twilight promotion, the Marchesa dress she wore on Jimmy Kimmel (in 2008 I think), the silver Chanel dress she wore to one of the Into the Wild premieres, the black minidress she wore on Leno recently, pretty much any pair of Louboutins she owns, her Revolution Rock & Joy Division t-shirts, her Bally stann pumps, the Nicole Miller leather jacket ... ok and I'll stop now!! :)


i remembered some i MUST put down. :P the madrid fan event during new moon promotion....*dead* unf. i loved look from the LA screening of TR...the hair was killer...and ALL of her raybans...especially the pair she has been wearing lately...


I loved what she wore to the Twilight premiere in LA and that beautiful long white dress at the Twilight Japan tour/promotion thing with Rob and Taylor :)



i love this burberry t-shirt and the boots.
i also love her dkny spotty dress, it just fit her really well and looked great with the hair at the time.

her band t-shirts are my favourite items.


i have two favourite dresses: the tyh premiere one (http://www.kstewartfan.org/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=636)
and the tca dress (http://www.kstewartfan.org/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=458)

My favourite is her spoon ring :)


The spoon ring, THE RAY BANS!, The black Stella McCartney v-neck she wore on Leno, the Jasmine Di Milo red leather dress, the Herve sweatheart neckline black dress (love when she looks all adult, and you know she's throwing f-bombs left & right), the 1020 Nicole Miller leather jacket, and the American Apparel V-necks.

My fave all around look is the Sundace '09 look, with the leather jacket, jeans, yellow shirt, etc. Not because of the clothes themselves, but because she just...glowed. Look at those photos of her, and she is just stunning, smiling, glowing... love it!


Nuns with guns hoodie,
and all her normal day to day clothes :)


My favourite:

- Looks:

- Tees & other clothes:

- Shoes:

- Jewelery & other stuff:

Omg, I know, that's too much, I'm sorry, don't kill me... I just love her style ;)



i love her dress choices, not all but the ones in the runaways.. they were lovely and sexy.. pucci dress in london also!!
love your work..
maira, greece


Happy Birthday Kristen! :p x


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