Your Dream Kristen Outfits Part 7 (Final Post)

Here it is, the last post. Its super long because i kept getting sent outfits up until yesterday so as it stands this has over 40 sets in it............. thats a whole lot of steeze. I want to first of all say thank you to every single person who sent me something, its been great getting to know you all better. I've had a bawl doing this and i hope you have enjoyed being a part of it so many people sent me stuff! I also hope this helped during the Kristen drought...... i'm missing her and her beautiful steeze.

If you didn't send something this time, don't worry i'll do this again in the future maybe around Eclipse promo time and you can be a part of it then. I also want to say a huge thank you to everyone who visits this blog, i recently passed 100,000 blog views which is huge for me. I'm stumped........... you guys are phenomenal thank you to every single person who visits, comments and follows me on twitter it means alot.

Also if you haven't already then check out my post over at the Kstewaddiction blog, they had me as the guest blogger this week and their blog is filled with all kinds of Kristen news and goodies so go show them some support:

As always all of the outfits are on my Polyvore account unless you sent me yours from your own, here is the link:

I hope you guys have enjoyed being a part of this, here is your final set of 'Dream Kristen Outfits' and if you don't mind me saying i think we're going out with a bang enjoy.........

2 by babilo featuring Monsoon dresses


LOVED it!!! ~@CelebRT_news


this is probably one of the best posts! loving everyone's different styles.


I love the idea of K wearing the long black dress gathered at the top of the thigh which @NataliaElba sent to you. I haven't seen K wear something long and sexy (aside from Oscars). I think the leg slit will be a total tease but amazing none the less.
In addition to that, I would love to see both Burberry jackets on Kstew as well as the Proenza Schouler top in blue. The cut of that top is fab.
Again, I haven't seen K wearing much "glam" but the last red dress by Alexander McQueen screams attantion. I'd love to see her wearing a bright red dress with her dark hair. *whistle*

I love @JessWink22 eye for fashion for Kstew. I think all of her ideas are amazing.

I love this blog and wish we could submit outfits for Kstew all the time!


Thanks again Laura for your wonderful comments. I loved being a part of was such a great idea. What would be even more amazing is if Kristen would actually wear some of these outfits that were submitted. That would be incredible!


JessWink - yes, I totally agree with you. I look at these submittals and CRAVE Kstew to wear them. I wish we could all be her personal stylists/shoppers and dress her up like a doll or sex on legs. haha
I have fun reading and looking through this blog because of the interaction from you guys as well


Kristen wore the 26th dress on the David Letterman Taping!!


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