Inside Kristens Closet: TOMS shoes

It's nice to kind of go back through Kristen pictures and pick up on some small items she personally chooses to wear (not talking photoshoots). Someone made a very interesting comment the other day about her style evolution moving forward in 2008-2009 and then taking a step back as of late. This made me think, i can personally see where this person is coming from and yet i can see why Kristens style has differed slightly. We will touch up on this next week because that is going to be one long post, i hope you'll all be ready for my chat (i can talk for days thats pretty obvious). Her style is something i have followed for a while, what she wears is very interesting so watch out for that post sometime late next week. Also where are those damn Flaunt magazine pictures? I am not posting with screencaps NO WAY so i hope they come out soon. The moment they do i'll be posting so watch out for that aswell.

Here Kristen wears TOMS shoes, i wonder do any of you happen to own a pair? They are rather comfortable and for a good cause (each pair bought gives a pair of shoes to a child). I have a linen pair, they almost look denim which i purchased from and they are a great buy for wearing with jeans/leggings. Kristen owns TOMS 'be the change' shoes and a navy canvas pair. You can purchase TOMS shoes here

TOMS 'Be the Change' Slip Ons

TOMS Navy Canvas Slip Ons


Awesome shoes!!


I have the Habitante Vegan shoes. Very comfy. The whole premise of the company is great. I love that KStew is socially conscious, and that she doesn't feel the need to always wear heels at public events.


They are soooooooooo comfy .I love 'em.


Aw I have the Navy slip ons! So comfy.
I have seen some of those pics before and thought they were Toms. YAY!


They look very comfy! I would like to have a pair :)



i have a pair of black canvas toms! very comfy, they're my fave shoes! :) kudos to kristen!


Those are Argentinean shoes!! They're the MOST comfortable shoes in the world, seriously, if you have the chance buy a pair. Right now it's winter here, so i can't wear them, but they're they best for summer!


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