A Twilight Saga Special: Part 3 Eclipse

Well hello there again! This is the final part of my Twilight Saga special. Since i'm going by pictures sneak peek, set pictures and the trailer this post will be slightly shorter than the other two. Once the movie comes out i think i'll come back to this post and update.

Personally this is my favourite book from the saga and i am seeing a more mature 'Bella' look from the pictures and trailer. The costume designer seems to have captured that she is growing up and getting ready to make a big decision regarding her future.

Lets start of with Bellas visit to Florida. I have to say this BDG Sage Tank has been around since the first movie (deleated bedroom scene and under a few of her other tops). I wonder if they keep the wardrobe and bring it back out for each movie. I like that shes wearing it again though because we re-wear clothes all the time, it gives the character a sense of reality. We also see the re-appearance of the Ked Champion shoes, these are literally the Bella shoe since New Moon.

BDG Sage Tank

Keds Champion Canvas Sneakers

This next look is from the parking lot of the school i believe, not quite sure whats going on here in this scene. Bella wears an American Eagle Bomber Jacket and some AG Adriano Goldschmied Premiere Straight Skinny Jeans (http://bit.ly/cAhEbP ) in deep silver.

American Eagle Bomber Jacket

AG Adriano Goldschmied Premiere Straight Skinny Jeans in Deep Silver

Hmmmmm i had to laugh when i posted these, i felt like i was invading a private moment......Anyway Bella wears a 3.1 Phillip Lim Boyfriend Fit Plaid Shirt and her Bella Charm Bracelet. Now i wanna say there are plenty of replicas out there.........literally. I've chosen out two i like but if you type into google search you are given so many options, all are similar but with subtle differences.

3.1 Phillip Lim Boyfriend Fit Plaid Shirt

'Bella' Charm Bracelet (2 replicas i like)

I had to end with this look for several reasons, first it shows the directon and choice that Bella is heading in and second.......its damn cute. She wears a J.Crew Featherweight Cashmere Cardigan ( http://bit.ly/bgp0wc). I have incuded the 'Bella' engagement ring in this and i want to share a few opinions on it. I'm not saying the ring is ugly because people have different taste but to me an oval filled with diamonds is more costumre jewellery than an engagement ring. I guess this falls on Stephenie but i am not a fan. That's just my personal opinion, what about you? Do you like it?

J.Crew Featherweight cashmere cardigan

'Bella' Engagement Ring

p.s i'm still trying to get my crap together since i lost all my files...it's been a big bummer hang in there with me i'll get there.


I love everything apart the ring :) it's kinda bridging on tacky :/ but that is my view and sure people will disagree with me but oohh well :L x


yeah, i'm not too crazy about the engagement ring. I tried picturing it in my mind when I read the book but couldn't. It definitely looks more like costume jewelry than an engagement ring. And I wish they would have made it a little smaller...it looks way too big!


I agree with JessWink. It looks too flashy for what I would have pictured a 108 year old to give to a 18 year old.


Ah, hell... look at the ring.., who does not want THAT?
But I thought that Bella's ring was supposed to be a little bit dark. with red diamonds or something.., Maybe I was just tired when I red it.. :]


whenever i pictured the ring it always looked more dated and sophisticated. i always pictured it with a sapphire or something not just diamonds....i think the ring should have been different and smaller just more delicate...


not how I picture the ring ethier. I pictured it with one big stone, and maybe little ones around and dated. But I do happen to like this one for me, not bella lol.


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