Your Dream Kristen Outfits Part 6

So here we are, the second last post. Look out for the last post tomorrow, we'll be going out with a bang. I'm thinking tomorrows post will be slightly longer so look out for it around afternoon time, it's going to be fantastic. Its been so much fun having you all take part in this, i hope you all feel a little more involved in the blog now. I just want to say these outfits genuinley blow me away, you guys all have such different taste. Its been great seeing all these different types of oufits you want to see on Kristen, some of them genuinely suprised me. I have been in heaven for the last week looking at these outfits. I believe there are 16 sets here today i published too many because i have alot left, so tomorrow post will be huge!

On an extra note, if you have enjoyed taking part in this a great friend of mines @wordninja_ali is setting up a Polyvore group for you to put Kristen sets in. She was one of the first supporters of my blog, i heart her so check it out. Here is the link:

Also i'm guest blogging today over at KStewaddictions blog! I feel very honoured and scared, i've never done any kind of post like that so go easy on me.I'd like to say thank you to the blog for having me, it was fun to be a part of. They have a fantastic Kristen blog filled with all kinds of goodies so check it out;

As always all of the outfits are on my Polyvore account unless you sent me yours from your own, here is the link:

Enjoy your next set of Dream Outfits........

From @Pam_Alva

1 by babilo featuring Coach bags


So many gorgeous sets! If Kristen ever needed a new stylist, she'd have her pick ;)

Thanks so much for the shout out Kiki! I'm so glad that this blog has taken off, I know there's a ton of Kristen fashion lovers out there. This is such a great blog, you put so much effort into it and it really shows. :)


Can't wait to see the last set!

So far my favourite is wordninja_ali's jewel coloured set from part 4 - I think Kristen could carry off any colour but the Diane von Furstenberg Resort dress is just gorgeous.

Love this blog so much, really appreciate all of your hard work :) xxx


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