Kristen at Coachella

Forgive me if i come of as slightly mean in this post, its Monday evening and i'm typing this whilst pulling my hair out (stressful four weeks has begun people). Pictures of Kristen at Coachella finally emerged, not many and we can't really get a decent look at what shes wearing however i have read some extremely negative comments about her outfit. I want you to bear in mind i wasn't a fan but that was because shes wearing a black tee, for those of you who don't know black attracts heat so she must have been uncomfortable or at least extremely hot in that outfit. I would have liked to have seen her in some shorts or at least a vest with those jeans but its her choice what she wears. When it comes down to it she most likely is wearing that outfit and the cap because she is trying to go incognito. I mean people were literally hunting for her at the festival so if i was her i would attempt to disguise myself a little too.

Now i get that there are Kristen haters out there in the world and thats fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and i respect that. What i do not respect is someones sexuality being generalised by what they may be wearing. The beauty of the fashion world is that there is so many different styles and looks out there and everyone is unique in their own way. I don't like certain styles but i would never stereotype someone by what they wear. I am very fortunate to know two women who are gay and they really opened my eyes and made me realise that 'butch' is a stereotype given to gay women. Let me tell you they both have very different style - one has an almost rocker/indie style and the other has the most fabulous bohemian style. I just thought i'd share that with you guys because sometimes peoples dislike towards someone becomes down right cruelty in this fandom and really who are we to judge? Shes her own person who lives her own life and she most certainly doesn't care what people think.

The second thing i MUST address because it happens to be the most hysterical comment i have ever read was 'she looks fat'...........................*crickets* yes people YES i kid you not it was said. Whoever you may be strange crazy person please i BEG you to send me back this pic below with arrows pointing to this supposed fatness. The first thing i thought when i saw these pictures was 'damn she looks slim' you haters really do amaze me (p.s not in a good way).

Dear hater, where is this fat?

On a happier note i'm so happy she had a chance to hang out at Coachella!! (totally jealous by the way) i hope any readers here who may have went had a fantastic time. I hear Kristen was with her brother, i hope they both got to check out some awesome bands and relax (apparently its illegal for this girl to have a good time). I only have a few things to post here because we didn't get a decent look at her outfit. If any more pictures surface i'll add to this post. She had her Ray Ban black wayfarers with the yellow interior (girl crushing on them so bad) hanging of her shirt so i'm guessing those were the sunglasses she showed up to the Lacoste pool party with. She has on Lacoste avaiators in the pictures which makes me believe they may have been given to her at the party. The L.A dodgers hat is making me chuckle i love how stealthy this girl is, shes trying to go incognito in that cap.(UPDATE) More pictures emerged squeeeeee and our gal really looks cute. She wore her BDG Skinny Jeans and her favourite Seiko watch. Her shoes were converse court nylon trainers, i can't get her exact colour for the default so i've posted 2 different colours but same style of shoe. I love her, she looks uber cute and happy. I hope she rocked out.

Ray Ban Original Wayfarer with Yellow Interior (hanging off her tee)

Lacoste 101 Aviator Sunglasses

L.A Dodgers New Era Black and White Cap

BDG Skinny Jeans

Seiko Watch

Converse Court Nylon Sneaker

Thanks to for the new pictures and coolspotters for the jeans pic :)


Well said! Great post and horah for the sunglasses ID :)


Thank you for saying this. "What i do not respect is somes sexuality being generalised by what they may be wearing." I can relate!


I'm with u kiki, the outfit kinda bugged me b/c it seems like she'd be burning up (plus some summer-ish steeze woulda been sweet) but give the girl a freakin break! Obviously she didn't wanna draw attention to herself, she never does. I don't even bother to read the negative comments, no matter how hot/skinny/feminine she looks, ppl will always say "she's ugly, she's fat, she's a lesbian." Some ppl just get off on being nasty and mean and I will never understand it so I just avoid it!! Anyway, that's my 2 cents. Your blog is awesome, and I can't wait til you do some more fantasy KStew outfits! :)


Thanks for addressing the hate Stew got for having the audacity to wear jeans, a tee, & a cap to a festival.

P.S. These people can say what they want but the point is she went almost an entire weekend at a very papped festival w/o photos. Stealth at its finest.

Oh and those Ray Bans will be mine before summer starts. LOVE.


She looks comfortable. She's just there to enjoy the fun and music!


Hi!It´s my first time here and I love it!! I love Kris and I think you are doing a GREAT JOB keed going on!!Kisses


oh my god.. fat? that's so damn ridiculous.. like.. she's very skinny and is able to wear jeans that most people could just wish to fit in.. stupid haters.. but I guess that is what jealousy does to people :-)


i love the ray bans as well<3

man i wanted to attend, maybe next time.. i didn't even know she was going.
hope she had a blast there, kstew looks so cute i want to hug her ^^


Great blog post, dear.
And you weren't mean at all! haha

While I agree that K must have been stifling in jeans and a black tee, I think she chooses these things for her own comfort level. She just could simply not be the shorts and a tank or skirt and a blouse type chicka. Part of me would assume she's trying to hide from as many crazies as possible but I also couldn't imagine her there in anything but jeans. And she's cute to boot.

As for the comments that people have spit out about her: calling her fat and/or lesbian is partially humorous. Aside from the fact that she is neither, its laughable that people are trying to find anything to place on her because, lets me honest - there isn't much to pick on her about! (haha easily, I'm a K lover)

Personally, I think that the people who find it amusing to place the "lesbian" title card on her (or anyone) are just sadly close minded. Lots of people use this as a derogatory term, when really, it just proves that they are uneducated and rigid to the world they live in. It's a mistreated word to say the least. There should be no judgement titles but this is an entirely separate topic/issue.
With that said, if she is a lesbian, then she STILL looks amazing; being a lesbian is irrelevant! This is a fashion blog. People who aren't subject to accepting what other people wear that is different from what's in their own closet are just drab personalities and missing out on a lot.
Fashion is art. It's an expression; it reveals a little part of that particular person's personality and from what K shows us, she's a pretty awesome, original chick.
Stereotyping is the easy way out. These people have nothing better to say because they had nothing to contribute to the conversation to begin with. Perhaps they are just jealous they aren't getting the same amount of attention??? ;-P

Fat is another story. Clearly K isn't fat. Shall we send these people her measurements, her clothe sizes, her height, her weight so they can see the facts? Clearly not necessary because its plain as day that she is a petite, thin lady.

If K is a fat lesbian then I want to be a fat lesbian too. Lets start the trend. :-P

Side note: I own several pairs of the Wayfarer glasses and I have since I was a child. They never go out of style. Ever. I'd just like to highly suggest them as they can fit anyone's face and/or style. 100% classic purchase. Invest. Trust.


I like this outfit. It's very simple and boyish.
But the pose with her arms crossed, just like this, makes her looks a little more "fatter" (I can't find the right word, sorry) in this area.


Comment irrelevant to this post:

I think that Kristen took major steps towards fashion over the year, and then, suddenly, she took a few back...
I was going through some of 2008 candids, and the differece is obvious. Just a few of my favorite outfits:

Am I the only who thinks that instead of getting better, she is getting worse? I'm only talking for the outfits she picks for herself, not something a stylish would pick for her)
Lately Kristen is all black, although I think her hair were WAY better long and brown... What do you think?

(The photos are from - thought I should credit...)


I agree with you in every word in this post. I understand that some people dislike her and I respect their opinion but sometimes their arguments are totally pointless: once they say she's too thin (and even skinny), then I hear that she's too fat... They're a bit obsessed, don't you think? I mean - in a negative way.

Anyway. I like her look here - simple, comfy and smart. And I love her sunglasses again, both Lacoste and Ray Ban :)



can you ID the necklace?


Plu-eash!!!!!! She isn't fat at all. C'mon. Haters to the left. And where do you get her seiko SJB880 watch from? I tried finding it at soooo many places, but I can't find it.


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