Contest Reminder

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Just a little reminder about the Polyvore contest. This week has been full of Kristen appearances but so far only 1 person has entered *sad face*. There is a first, second and third place so i hope there will be some more entries!

Contest Details

As you are all very aware Kristen is set to begin pre production for 'On the Road' which she is set to begin filming late July/Early August. The book is set in 1947 i believe and was published in the 1950's. This is a period of great fashion movement to i am asking you to submit your 1940's/1950's Kristen sets! It's very general so feel free to get creative. How would you like to see Kristen dressed in this movie? I've put a week duration on it and there will be 3 winners.

Enter Here

Note: If this goes well I'm hoping to have another ‘Dream Outfits’ post for you guys. This time I'm hoping to allow people to vote for their favourite and we will have an overall winner. I’m just thinking out loud so let me know your opinions.

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Ok, I'm making my set now :)
you're awesome Kiki
just thought I'd let you know


yes ive made my set joined polyvore just to do that lol, your awesome :)


Just entered ...
A bit embarrassed as I am such a rookie... But hope it is OK :)


as we speak! entering.....


This is such a fun contest Kiki! There are some beautiful ideas on there already. :]


Just entered my beatnik boot camp set.


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