Korean Press Conference

Kristen attended a press conference for Eclipse in Korea back when she and taylor visited some weeks ago. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. That's really my line of thought when it comes to this whole outfit, just hmmmmm. I have two very seperate and different opinions of it and as per usual i'm going to tell you guys my honest opinion.

Lets talk about the negative first because i like to end my post on a positive note, this look was both disappointing and amazing at the same time. Confused? You see i personally feel her stylist never should have let her out with pratically the same outfit on as the Austrailan tour. This is a big no for me and i'm all about re-wearing stuff but not one after the other. This look was practically the same as the Austrailan event just with a different skirt and her hair down.

Having said that she looks gorgeous, i'm not saying i don't like the look because i do and she looks fantastic. I love the skirt, the pleats remind me of the Madrid fan event last year where she wore the pleated skirt with sheer panels. This look was cute............ maybe a bit too 'schoolgirl' but cute and she has the most stunning face. Her tee is by Market, she wore the same one during the sydney Q&A and it's only $32 here is the link if you want to buy yourself one : http://www.market-ts.com/shop.cfm/Tee-Shirts/Short-Sleeve/003/. The shoes once again are by Sergio Rossi and come from this Fall 2010 collection. I actually prefer these boots with this outfit as opposed to the yellow skirt because of the darker colours of the rest of her outfit. The top and the boots are something i feel personally shouldn't have been brought out so quickly but i understand travelling and wanted to take as little with you as possible. Her skirt is by DKNY and comes from their Fall 2010 collection (big thank you to @courtjustice for the ID). The look was cute though and seeing her outfit that she wore later on i think she chose to go simple for a reason. Her dramatic transformation later in the evening more than made up for this simple outfit.

DKNY Fall 2010 Collection Pleated Skirt

Market 'Bridgette' Tee

Sergio Rossi Fall 2010 Black Leather Lace Up Ankle Booties

Seiko Watch

*Thank you to kstewartfans, style.com, nymag.com, markets webpage, sergio rossis webpage and world of watches for the pictures. All pictures are copyright to their original owners, i own none. Thank you to @courtjustice for the skirt information, what would we do without you?.*


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