Twi Con

So we had Twi Con yesterday and this looks post was delayed due to the pictures not being of the best quality and me being ill. This is about as much as we can get right now folks but i think as the next few days progress this look will be updated.

So Kristen and her Eclipse co stars Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner attended a Q&A session at Twi Con. I have to say the videos are hysterical, Kristen was really comfortable, relaxed and upbeat the whole day.....and she looked fantastic. I really loved the almost simple rocker chick look she was wearing with some dark blue skinny jeans, black boots, simple tee and leather jacket. There's not really much to discuss with this look other than that Kristen paired her skinny jeans with a fantastic All Saints Karst Military Leather Jacket (thanks to Cortni for @ me that info on twitter, i was asleep when pictures came out). The jacket itself can be purchased on the All Saints website, if you are from the UK it will set you back £350 buy here: and if you're from the USA it will set you back $620 buy here: The jacket itself is a piece that can pretty much stand alone so to top the look off she wore a simple white tank top and the Sergio Rossi ankle booties she has been wearing since promo kicked off. Her jeans are Black Orchid Black Jewel 5 Pocket Jeggings and i love the wash of these, the dark blue contrasting against the black leather is quite 'sexy rocker chick'. If you want to purchase these jeans then you can buy them here: for $110. I love it, yet another fantastic look from our girl.

All Saints Karst Military Leather Jacket

Sergio Rossi Fall 2010 Black Leather Lace Up Ankle Booties

Black Orchid Black Jewel 5 Pocket Jeggings

*Pictures are from Fiercebitchstew,, and sergio All pictures belong to their original owners, i own none. Also thank you to @courtjustice for the jeans information and ID.*

I'm not sure what's next........i want to say Kimmel filming and maybe then some Eurpoean promo? Feel free to correct me. I'll be blogging the rest of the looks as quickly as i can.


I WAS THERE!!!! She is as GORGEOUSSSS in person as she is on-screen!!! She looked AMAZINGGGGGG!!


AHHH She looks so amazing!


Jealous too! :D
Aww, this jacket is awesome! She looked superb.



that jacket is BANANAS!!!!!
omg im about to kill her for that jacket!!!
the whole LOOK is amazing, she is soooo comfortable now than the last couple years....
she is totally amazing


Have you ever determined the necklace kristen is wearing, now that there are better pictures? It doesn't look to be the st christopher necklace. Just curious. LOVE her look!


I've said it for a few weeks now, you can't ID and put a brand on something specifically made for you as a gift. Think about it.




I'm seriously thinking about getting that jacket!!


Who is this beautiful smiling girl with the rosy lips and the lovely rich notes to her brown hair?
What a lovely smile and such relaxed body language. This looks like Kristen happy with where she is and what she's doing, and perhaps how she is dressed too.


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