Eclipse L.A Photo Call

This was an appearance i was not expecting, I'm just going along with the schedule as it appears. This look was pretty! It was feminine and yet the pattern and the lace? Very Kristen. I like how Kristen's stylist has taken her character into consideration yet has tried something new fashion wise. It's a nice pick for a press conference because you don't want to be too flashy and the shoes...........a little hint of sparkle? I love it.

Okay first off let me tell you the shoe story, i actually have a story behind these shoes she is wearing. I saw these Christian Louboutin pumps back in March and i saved them to my polyvore thinking 'Damn that's a hot shoe for Kristen, the silver against her pale skin?' and i saved them in my dream Kstew outfit folder (yes i have one on my laptop because i'm lame) and she's worn them!. That had to be the worst story story you guys have ever heard but i put them by in case she wore them just like the Jimmy Choo Glitter Pumps and she has! I swear her stylist is following me for my mad shoe steeze skills! These particular pumps are Christian Louboutin Cosmo 120 python pumps and i adore everything about them, the colour against her skin, the sparkle............simply everything. The dress is something that i liked at first but actually looking at it over i'm not the biggest fan. It's by Oscar De La Renta (thank you to @courtjustice for clarifying that for us) and is an off the runaway look. I'm not sure the sequins and lace combo matches and for once i actually think this dress would be better off without the lace top. Maybe a mesh top or something would have suited better but the dramatic black lace with the sequins........not a fan personally. The look is cute overall and Kristen looks so feminine and pretty here so it gets the thumbs up from me.

Christian Louboutin Cosmo 120 python pumps

Oscar De La Renta Jewelled Sequins and Lace Shift Dress

*Thanks to kstewartfan for all the Kristen pictures and net a porter for the Louboutins pictures. All Pictures are copyright to their original owners, i own none.*


I adore, and I mean adore, the pumps!!! They are gorgeous!!!


i agree! They're simply beautiful!


I love that dress! I realy don't know any other celebrity who has so many beautiful dresses!


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wow this is simply a wonderful dress.


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