MTV Movie Awards

It's been building up all day, I've been buzzing with excitement.

Have you?

So Kristen and some of her Eclipse co stars attended the Movie Awards and boy was Twitter buzzing, i could barely keep up. First off i want to say congratulations to Kristen and co for all the awards they won, we knew they would do it. Kristen arrived later on compared to some of her Twilight co stars and chose to skip the red carpet and interviews and just take some pictures before going in. I want to say i am proud she held her head up high after the recent controversy surrounding her comments. It takes a brave girl to keep fighting on when the press are constantly feeding off you this is why i am a fan of this woman, she battles on when time gets tough.

Now onto the outfit.


This is NOT i repeat NOT what i was expecting. I love that Kristen continues to surprise us. I loved the hair extensions, they looked so bouncy and flawless.

Kristen wore a Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2010 Collection Tweed and Metallic Brocade Mini Dress.She looked fantastic, it was mature yet short and sexy. I just loved it. The shoes were the only part of the outfit i was not happy with because i felt they didn't compliment the grays and gold in the outfit. The shoes in question are Vicini Cross Strapped Pumps. Thank you to cortni from coolspotters for sending me the link to the shoe default, much appreciated. To top the whole thing off and bring the badass Kristen wore a 4 fingered Jessica Robinson Infinity Ring. Her fantastic blue nail polish is by Chanel and i've included a default. This polish is priced around $25.

Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2010 Collection Tweed and Metallic Brocade Dress (length shortened)

                                         movie awards dg

Vicini Cross Strapped Pumps

Jessica Robinson 4 Fingered Double Infinity Ring

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour

*so i think a fantastic night, so many classic moments. Kristen looked fab, she looked happy and her and Roberts sneaky kiss was cute. Did you like the outfit*

Thanks to kstewartfans for all the pictures and cortni at coolspotters for the shoe default i own none.

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ahhhhhh I was soooo Happy, she was beautiful tonight and she DID look very light and happy.
the outfit was perfect, she is stunning!
ahhh I'm going to watch the MTV Movie Awards again!!!


Thank you ...
I was dying to know what she wears :)
I love her outfit. I think she wears it really well ... Most of all, she looks real happy ... smiled a lot :D


A very feminine look in the past couple appearances due to the hair extensions. I love it.
I'm partially speechless and if you know me, you know that's rare!
She's gorge.
Rob's a lucky man to take that home at night!


her eyes were so amazing.. And she was absolutely breathtakinly beautiful! what about the chain and the golden ring?


Awesome, she looked so brilliant and happy. I love the pumps :)
I'm sure her pony tail is fake. Her hair is not long enough yet ;p



She's just a natural beauty, but when she's with Rob she glows a little more. I love her Jessica Robinson Infinity Ring, it's perfect with her top and the fits the MTV vibe! The shoes worked, and went well with the look of her black belt. The girl did it again!


can i just ask one thing?put more details please!!!
thanks a lot for everything u's just beautiful.


omg, i LOVE this look!!!! totally not what i was expecting either but she pulls it off so beautifully. love the combination of sleek top and tweedy skirt. the shortness of the skirt kept it from looking too 'serious'. again, kstew shows us she's a master of perfect fashion balance. did you notice that the gold top brought out the golden look of her hair? i don't think she dyed her hair but nice to see her hair looking lighter in the sunlight. and last i loved the shoes. ugh, so sexy!!!!! playful and so pretty!!!!!!!:D


Is it wrong that I don't think Kristen and Rob are together?
I just really don't believe they are.
I think they're close friends....

Regardless, I was sooo happy and excited to see her at the MTV Movie Awards. She was gorg!


Is the necklace her St. Christopher's medal? Has she ever worn this for any other 'event' before?


I did love the outfit, but I do agree about the pumps. I do love them aswell, but maybe it should have been without the straps, or just ordinary pumps/peeptoe. x Fen x


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She is so pretty with this dress!


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