LAFF "Welcome to the Rileys" Premiere

Tonight (well it's morning for me) Kristen attended the Welcome to the Rileys screening. This look is simple and i love it. Her hair and make up again as always is flawless, i don't think this girl can ever give bad face she's too beautiful. This look almost is comfortable with a hint of glam, it's a contrast to last nights big premiere.

Kristen wears a dress from the Preen Fall 2010 Collection. I love this dress, it really compliments Kristens frame. Her shoes are hard to get a good look at. The cut on them appears to be Jimmy Choo so i'm going with them unless any pictures come out to prove otherwise. It's a simple look, but a youthful.

Preen Fall 2010 Collection Dress

Jimmy Choo 'Quiet' Pumps

*Thank you to kstewartfans for all kristen pictures and, & for all fashion pictures. All pictures copyright to their original owners, i own none.*


she looks sooooo good!!!!!!!:) i love how the style of the dress looks almost casual but fresh and sexy. def flattering to k's figure. just wish we had a good back shot to see the alluring back strap. also love how she looks w/ minimal makeup which plays up to the fresh and casual look.


I love this dress on Kristen! WOW x


Gorgeous as always. Love the dress. It suits her. Thought it was cute too that later on she switched out of the shows and into turquoise converse shoes. She's so herself and unaffected which I just love.


The first thing I've noticed: her makeup. Very natural, I love it. The dress is pretty nice. And, again, I love the pumps.
You're right, the look is simple, but beautiful.



Ya, I was there, and during the Q&A, she was wearing converse sneakers- VERY CUTE!!! She is INCREDIBLY gorgeous!!


aww Yea, I think she looked great, very fresh faced which is incredible seeing as she's been flying all over the place lately to promote Eclipse.
It's nice to see her with less makeup and a more simple dress. It really brings out her natural beauty!


You obviously don't know much about fashion; I've read a few uneducated entries and it's almost comical, your completely novice bullshit.


Saren F - I didn't realise that my education was an issue. I'm 19, i'm a student and yes i am not the best writer out there but this is simply a fan blog not a fashion analysis blog. Have you looked at other star fashion blogs? There aren't many around but i feel i do a decent job here considering i am one single blogger and i stay up until all times to get things posted here as soon as i can. The main point is i am passionate about this blog and if you do not like what you see here then don't read it, it is as simple as that.


wow, that saren f is rude, how dare she say something so nasty

just wanted to say i love this blog and the haters need to get over themselves

i think you do a really great job on this blog and i will continue to read it no matter what anyone says

keep up the great work


Seriously - I don't get why people leave comments like that. I love your blog. I love your commentaries on Kristen's looks. It is sooooo simple. This is a personal blog. If you don't like what you read. If you don't like what Kristen wears or who she is - don't come here! So basic. So simple. So much hate. So senseless. If you think you can do it better - start your own blog. It's whole wide world out there on the internet - go do it rather than coming on here and leaving rude and ridiculous comments that have no merit and justification.

Keep doing what you are doing! We appreciate all your posts. Thank you! Haters to the left.


I agree. Some people are keen on writing nasty comments. I find it pointless, but what can we do. They're just sick. That's my humble opinion :). Personally, I love this blog.



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