Eclipse Press Conference, Rome

Today Kristen attended a press conference in Rome for Eclipse. I have many many thoughts on this outfit that I'd like to share. All in all i liked the look, it was cute and feminine and appropriate for a press conference and no matter what, Kristen gives good face.

Kristen wears a dress from the J.Mendel Fall 2010 collection line. I have many thoughts on this dress, om the positive i like it. The negative is the fit. Kristen's stylist seems to have some issue with actually fitting clothes to her so they perhaps fit a little nicer. Many of you may not notice but the bodice on this dress is too big for Kristen's petite frame. It sticks out to me and brings the outfit down. I love the mesh inserts in the dress but the whole look would be improved greatly if her stylist took the bodice in at the sides. My last complaint is 'where is the colour?'. It's been all blacks and darks on this press tour and whilst Kristen rocks it, we need a pop of colour or some feminine nudes. New Moon press tour is trumping this ones ass. Kristen's shoes are by Jimmy Choo and they are the 'Quiet' pumps. I'm like a Jimmy Choo master shoe spotter, there's something about those damn quiet pumps that i love. Kristen has also wore the glitter effect versions of these pumps in Korea and the black version to the Runaways L.A premiere. All in all a nice look but i can't wait to see what the evening look brings with it, hopefully something a little more fitting.

J.Mendel Fall 2010 Collection Tweed and Sheer Dress

Jimmy Choo 'Quiet' Pumps

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can you figure out what necklace she's been wearing? Ever time i see her now, she's got it on.


She started wearing the necklace after her trip to Budapest. Some say it is a gift from Rob. In close-ups, it appears to be some kind of shape of 2 rings together. Some speculate it is the infinity symbol/sign for eternal love. It looks like an eight. No confirmation on it except that everyone has noticed her wearing it all the time since Budapest. Definitely a lot of speculation on that particular piece of jewelry since at first she would hide under her shirts. Now most recently it has been out - front and center. Whatever it is it obviously means a lot to her.

Also, the thin gold band she wears on her middle finger on mostly her left hand (but sometimes right) has been noticed as well.

As said, no one knows what they mean but that they have been consistently worn.


I've said it several times in my posts and i'm saying it again. You can not ID something and put a brand on it if it is made for you as a personal gift. No ID will be put on it.


Aww, she loooks gorgeous! I love the dress and the pumps. Chic!



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