Polyvore Contest

I recently created a polyvore group where you guys can submit any Kristen sets you may have and i am happy to announce we have our first Polyvore contest!

As you are all very aware Kristen is set to begin pre producation for 'On the Road' which she is set to begin filming late July/Early August. The book is set in 1947 i believe and was published in the 1950's. This is a period of great fashion movement so i am asking you to submit your 1940's/1950's Kristen sets! It's very general so feel free to get creative. How would you like to see Kristen dressed in this movie? I've put a week duration on it and there will be 3 winners. I hope you will take part!

Sumbit any entries to the contest or join the Kristen Stewart Polyvore Fashion Group here: http://www.tinyurls.co.uk/E6239


wtf???D: dude, i can't believe anyone would be low enough to attack you personally!!!! good grief, it's obvious that your blog is a labor of love and you invite all of us to give our opinions and it's all in good fun. sheesh!! personally, i want to thank you again for making this one of my fave websites to visit by making it free from the hate and snarkiness so often found on other sites. so sorry you got attacked. just not right:(


Totally agree with the first comment. Yours is one the nicest places to visit. I guess some people just like to spread their hate no matter what - wow! It's ridiculous. You are doing a wonderful job. I love your blog. People who don't agree or don't like what you write should go elsewhere. Leaving comments like they did attacking you is immature and childish. Guess some people are just that hateful. You can't be a fan of Kristen's without having to deal with all the folks that hate her out there. I just don't get it. If you don't like what you read - no one is asking you to. No one is making you. We come here because we like Kristen. We like her style. We like her fashion. We like the insights that are noted here. Keep up the great work and ignore those people that just like to spew hate for no reason. Totally ridiculous!


Kiki you should have a Kristen Pic up that says "haters to the left"!
seriously... don't even bother worrying about that Sarah F chick.
I love your fashion insight... you're a great blogger... my favorite and most visited blog. I totally rely on you for all the Kristen looks and really appreciate you waking up and posting for us!

Anyway, I agree with the above comments and I'm excited about the contest! Thanks!


I love your BLog! I visit it EVERY DAY! It is one of my favourites not just because it's about the wonderful Kristen, but because it's to the point, direct and you don't waffle! I find out about what Kristen is wearing and I can tell you work hard! Keep up the good work, I know hater comments are upsetting, but you don't have to explain yourself to them. :) xx


i visit everyday too as soon a i get some time im entering this i would love to be part of you thing :) Kristen Stewart rocks!


welcome back, i hope u've had a nice time there ;)

this Polyvore is a nice idea, i think it will heat things up hahha ... but i have no idea how to participate :S

and again. sorry but i seem i've asked this twice before ... but i'm still curious about Kristen Necklace lol ... no clue yet :D ??


Your blog is awesome.

Everyone has rights to start his/her blog, given no violation to others. And Everyone is free to choose which blog to visit. Those haters are beyond ridiculous!~ They have no respect to freedom of expression. Truly disgusting!~



OH!! I Love this blog and I visit it as often as possible, I cannot even tell you how many times I've thought to myself that I can't wait to read about the designers here. I love your commentary and the layout, I like the details, photos and resource images. Really this is an awesome blog and do not listen to the detractors, your work is marvelous and it's a resource for me so I owe you a huge thank you! Keep up the great work!!


I would also like to comment that I truly do love this blog!! I discovered it a few weeks ago and also just started following you on Twitter. I die. Keep on doing what you are doing. You have tons of fans on your side. I love that you tell us what KStew is wearing and also where we could get it. LOVE LOVE LOVE the blog. - Amy in Scottsdale, AZ.


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