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Welcome to another Make Up Friday, with the constant promotion for Eclipse the posts have been frequent on the blog so look to the archive to see if there is any looks you have missed. I have some bad news, i don't think i will be around for the stockholm promotion. I am going away for a few days and it overlaps some of the promotion unfortunately. That being said i've nogotiated it so that i will be home the day before the L.A premiere. That look i can not miss. Rest assured once i return home i will blog any missed looks as soon as i possibly can.

The make up tutorial today is Kristens's stunning look from last nights Rome fan event. Even if you didn't like the Marchesa cocktail dress there is no doubt Kristen's make up was flawless. Today @kstewmakeup will be providing a tutorial for any of you who wish to recreate this fantastic look for yourselves.

As always I'm going to say a little separate thank you to @kstewmakeup for filming these tutorials every week for us, she's a star. She has her own brilliant fashion blog for Emma Watson so if you are a fan check it out here:

NOTE: For tutorials you do not need the exact make up @kstewmakeup uses, similar colours from any brand you feel comfortable using will do.

Rome Fan Event Tutorial

Part 1

Part 2

Rome Fan Event How To

Benefit “That Gal” Brightening Primer
L’Oreal True Match Foundation
UD Shadow Primer
Maxfactor Earth Spirits Pale Pebble 101 (this should match your skin tone)
Rimmel London Trio 710 Twilight Zone
Rimmel Solos Smokey Quartz
UD Shadow Oil Slick
Rimmel London Professional Eye Brow Pencil 001 Dark Brown
x1 Fluffy Brush
x1 Thin Brush
Rimmel London Waterproof Eyeliner Black

Usual steps with the face. Add a brightening primer to your face with a greater concentration on the cheekbones, nose and chin. Don’t apply too much foundation. This was the Rome fan event which means it must have been at least 30 degrees C. Apply a little bit on the key places: chin, cheeks, nose & chin. Don’t apply powder, and if you aren’t in possession on a brightening primer use a highlighter on your cheekbones & nose.

After applying the primer, apply a shadow which matches your skin tone. Then apply a warm brown all over your top and bottom lids with a fluffy brush. Then using a thin brush apply the black shadow to the outer corner and form a flick (like the flick we saw her wear at the Burberry Fashion Show). This flick should not extend past the tip of your eyebrow. Extend the black to the lower lid. When you’re happy with that apply a white to the inner corner, top and bottom. Next apply the eyeliner. Apply it to the outer corner of your top eyelid and in the waterline everywhere else. You can smudge the lines to make them less harsh. Next apply your mascara and you’re done with the look!

Hope you enjoyed it!


great post but the sound on the videos are so quiet i couldent hear what she was saying :/


can u tell me what does she wear for her lips??


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