Eclipse Press/Access Hollywood Interview

A really short post here about the knitted top Kristen was wearing for her Access Hollywood interview and some other press yesterday. The top in question was from the Diesel Black Gold Spring/Summer 2010 collection (huge thanks to @courtjustice for @ing me that info on twitter). It looks like she paired this with some black jeans/leggings but since we have no pictures of her bottom half we can't be sure. I liked the top, it was simple and the colour against Kristen's skin was beautiful. Quite a mature yet casual look plus these pictures are adorable..........

Diesel Black Gold Spring/Summer 2010 Collection Longsleeved Knitted Top

*Again thank you kstewartfans and @courtjustice for info and pictures. All pictures are copyright to their original owners, i own none*

Cute and simple.............i love this look.


you gotta find out about her jewelry!!! necklace and rings!


You can delete this comment after you get it...Twitter was down, but FYI - Kristen is wearing Herve Leger AW2010 on Jimmy Kimmel. :)


Where can you buy the knitted top??


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