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Welcome to another 'Make Up Fridays'! I've been celebrating the start of the summer for me since yesterday. I now have 3 months off from my course so celebrations are needed. Today is the beginning of the Twilight convention? Am i right or wrong? I'm not sure if Kristen appears everyday or what the schedule is for that but we should have some new Kristen steeze either tonight or tomorrow that i will be blogging about. I'm predicting casual steeze with some jeans and a nice vest or tee, i can not wait.

Today we have the look from the Eclipse Korean Fan Event. In my opinion this was both a flawless and sexy look, i particularly loved the flick of black eyeliner which complimented the dress to perfection. So today the lovely @kstewmakeup is telling you how you can achieve this look if you liked it and want to try it out for yourself. She also in the video gives you a fantastic alternative to Kristen's MTV Movie Awards blue nail polish, this is why we love her folks.

As always I'm going to say a little separate thank you to @kstewmakeup for filming these tutorials and allowing me to post them on this blog. She has her own brilliant fashion blog for Emma Watson so if you are a fan check it out here:

NOTE: For tutorials you do not need the exact make up @kstewmakeup uses, similar colours from any brand you feel comfortable using will do.

Eclipse Korean Fan Event Tutorial

Part 1

Part 2

Eclipse Korean Fan Event How To


Benefit “That-Gal” Brightening Primer
L’Oreal True Match Foundation
UD Shadow Primer Potion
x1 fluffy/blending brush
x1 thin shadow brush
Rimmel London Shadow Trio 710 Twilight Zone
Rimmel London Solo Smokey Quartz
Rimmel London Glam Eyes Liquid Liner
Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner Glam Rock (Silver)
Maybelline Falsies Volum’ Express Mascara (I wouldn’t recommend using/buying this as it’s not very good. I am only using it until my Avon makeup arrives)

Usual steps with the face. This primer is excellent for brightening and highlighting and is a great buy. Apply it sparingly as you don’t need that much to create a beautiful effect and it’s a tiny bottle. Pay special attention to the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and chin. These are the places where light will hit your face and make you look radiant. Then apply a light layer of foundation on your cheeks, chin and nose. Making sure to blend at the jaw line and up towards the forehead. Makeup lines never look good!

First apply the primer to the upper and lower lids. Then taking a thin brush apply a light dusting of the black from the Rimmel London Trio to your eyelid only. Don’t make it jet black. You want a light black. Gradually build up the colour until you have the desired effect. Remember, you can always add but never take away. Next take a blending brush and apply a light or warm brown colour above the crease. Do not blend with the black. Make sure the colour isn’t too harsh. If you have made it too harsh just clean off the blending brush and blend over the harsh lines. Then taking the black again apply a light dusting again to the outer half of the lower lid.

The next part is extremely difficult. Take your liquid liner and apply it in a thick cats eye line to the top lid only. Start from the inner corner and work your way out making the line bigger and thicker as you go. Again apply this gradually as it is very easy to make mistakes. Extend the flick out so it is parallel to the tip of your eyebrow. For the next and penultimate step you can do any number of things. It’s up to you. Kristen wears a glitter eyeliner. For this I recommend the Urban Decay liner I have stated above. However, I have lost my UD Glitter liner in sliver so I used a Barry M shadow in white. Either this or any white shadow will do, as long as the inner portion of your lower lid is highlighted. Apply your mascara and you’re done with the look!

Hope you enjoyed it!


This make-up is absolutely gorgeous <3
Great job!



I love this look! Thanks for the tutorial :)


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