Poll: What Was Your Favorite Kristen Look?

So this past week we have had some fantastic Kristen steeze and I'm wondering which look of hers has been your personal favourite. I think all looks are very different and Kristen has given us a good start to the promotional tour.

Australian Press Conference - In Jenni Kanye Spring/Summer 2010 Collection, Market scoop tee, Sergio Rossi ankle booties with side swept ponytail and sun kissed skin.

Korean Fan Event - In Prabal Gurung Fall 2010 Collection Black Long Sleeved Mini Dress, Jimmy Choo 'Quiet' Black Glitter Peep Toe Pumps with clip in extensions pulled into a ponytail and flicked black eyeliner.

MTV Movie Awards - In Dolce and Gabanna Fall 2010 Collection Gray Tweed Skirt and Gold Brocade Top with Black Trim Combo, Vicini Cross Strapped Pumps, Jessica Robinson 4 Fingered Double Infinity Ring with track extensions ponytail and smokey eyes.


I think she has been looking fabulous lately! Very hard to choose just one!


I know, i'm a meanie and only gave you guys 1 vote but it helps create a clear winner. Plus it make you think about the looks in a little more detail to see which one you liked most.


I voted for the second Look.
i think its classic and this is Kristen.
But i have to say that i also like the two other looks :D its hard to decide xD
xoxo sophiie-e


I know, It's really hard to decide. they're all great. It's hard to choose because they're so different too.

I like how simple and pretty the Australian outfit was,
How sexy the Korean outfit was, especially with the surprise hair extensions,
And how rockin and bad ass the Mtv Movie Awards outfit was.
All outfits are sooo Kristen!
I ended up choosing the Australian one because she looked very fresh and I don't think we see her in yellow very often.


omg, this was so hard!!! i loved her look in oz so much (that yellow skirt was to die for!!) but then she came out w/ that incredibly cute girly look in korea (loved the ponytail!!) w/ sparkly dress and heels and i thought i died and gone to heaven. well, i guess i should know by now that kristen only gets better!!!!:D i ended falling in love w/ the mtv look cuz it combines all the steeze i could ever want!!!!!!!:D:D:D


I really dug her Joan Jett hair, so the extensions are not my favorite look.
A lot of people say she is pretty bitchy looking, an I think the extensions just sort of... amplify that, even though I don't think she looks like that. But that's just me, and I think she looks pretty friggin' epic any way.


It's really difficult to decide!~

My vote goes to her sexy, hot as hell look in Korean. It definitely kills me.



all three looks are great and choosing one was really difficult. Even though she looks drop dead gorgeous in all three, we've seen her in black long enough, so the Korean was out. MTV was amazing too, but yellow skirt and a scoop neck tee was totally different. + her legs in that skirt..! Australia wins for me!!


You must find out about her nailpolish fingers and toes, color/shade whateva... are her fingers blue?? WOW


Kristens nailpolish at the MTV awards was by Chanel


which brand is your chain kris


she was absolutely rockin the MTV Movie Awards! OUTSTANDING!


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