Kristen Heats it Up in Zac Posen for Swedish Fans

Hi all, the lovely and talented Ms. kstewfashion is away until Wednesday, so I'm (@wkw_ed) filling in just this once ;) OK, on to business...

Well, I predicted a chic mini, and surprise, surprise, that's what Ms. Stewart wore. After the photocall, Kristen joined co-star Taylor for a fan event in Stockholm, Sweden. She changed from her Fall ODLR into a strapless floral lurex Zac Posen Fall 2010 dress and Brian Atwood Summer pumps in black.

                                             zac posen dress

This choice of dress, with the warm hued printed fabric, is quite a departure for Kristen. To be perfectly honest, I haven't formed an opinion on it -- hit or miss -- yet. I love that Kristen is stepping out and playing with colour, especially after her spectacular black dress run. It keeps it interesting, keeps style-watchers and fans alike guessing, when she tries out new designers and styles.

The top half of the dress, with its unique draping is really visually interesting. And her, erm, derriere, looks fantastic as always. I think the photographers *plan* on getting these angles, no?

                                         brian atwood shoes

In contrast to the many updos and ponytails during this Twilight: Eclipse tour, Kristen kept her hair down, loose at her shoulders, a bit crazy-messy heh. Her minimal makeup played with the purples hues of her dress, and constrated nicely with the warmer shades.

What did you think of this look?

Thanks to Kristen Stewart Fans & Celebrity Gossip for the images.

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love the unique draping and the shoes were so cute!!!


Hmmm, I'm also on the fence
on the one hand, I love that on this promo tour she's definitely trying out new things and it's exciting for all of us who are anticipating the next thing she'll wear.
On the other hand... i don't know, I'm not so crazy about the dress. I agree she looks great in mini's, but I don't think I liked the mid section of the dress so much and i wasn't crazy about the pattern but I definitely didn't hate it.

I loved her hair and makeup! I feel like she's the only person who can get away with a natural down do, or a plain up do. i don't know how she does it, but anyway, I love when it's down and she can just mess with it.


I LOVE her shoes! never seen those on her before. I want a pair, especially the RED ONES! lol


I love this look! I only wish we had better pics for the full effect. I also enjoy seeing her hair down for this event. I'm so glad she has been mixing it up on the tour. Now I'm even more pumped to see the premier look!


I really love the dress. Like minis, the colours and everything !


I liked the fact that she experimented. It's always nice to see her in color, as she seems to prefer black. Cool shoes too.


I like the dress and love the shoes. I love that the dress is a printed one. She totally rocks the mini with them legs!


I like it too. And the pumps are awesome - again! :D



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