Eclipse Press Conference, Berlin

Kristen and Taylor attended a press conference for Eclipse today in Berlin. Due to Germany playing in the World Cup today there will be no German fan event unfortunately. After yesterdays dramatic look from Kristen she went for something a little more comfortable. As always i have lots of thoughts on this dress and look as a whole.

Kristen wore a Versace dress from the collection. First off lets talk Versace, if any of you follow me on Twitter you will know i have been screaming for Kristen's stylist to dress her in Versace. Why? It's Fall 2010 collection screams bright and edgy designs i feel Kristen could rock. This dress is not my favourite from the collection and i blame her stylist. Yes this look is nice but there are other dresses in the Fall collection that Kristen could have rocked so much better. I like the electric blue hues coming in through the dress but the gray dulls the dress down. The cut of the dress again isn't something i would personally choose for Kristen as it almost boxes her figure and the dress flattens the bust area. The dress is bunching up and creating an unflattering look the bust and stomach area and i feel this is due to the cut of the dress itself, the model on the catwalk has the same look. That being said the back of the dress was not photographed however it is rather phenomenal. The back is entirely electric blue and has an exposed zip all the way down the back. Kristen wears Camilla Skovgaard Ankle Boots with button up detailing. I do like these shoes with this dress, it compliments the whole modern look Kristen has going on here.

All in all did i like it? Yes. Did i love it? I'm not sure. The more i look at it the more i admire it, i still have an issue with the front fit but the back really ups the look as a whole Kristen looks fantastic. It's youthful, it's sexy and Kristen makes it work with her attitude alone.

P.S I'd like to see more electric blue on Kristen please, stylist take note.

Versace Fall 2010 Collection Gray Dress with Zip Detailing

Camilla Skovgaard Ankle Boots

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I'm so tired of hearing people say Kristen should wear color. A lot of people favor certain colors (Angelina Jolie goes for darker colors as well). While this dress is not my favorite I still like what it was going for.


Berlin? Why she hadn't bump to Poland, it's so close! I live in Poland, so maybe I would have a chance to meet her ;)
She looks pretty nice! This dress is not my favourite of Versace Fall 2010 collection too but I like it.
The hairstyle and the gentle make-up are fantastic.



I kind of like it that Kristen's dresses don't fit her perfectly or her hair is sometimes wonky or whatever. Perfection is for Barbie dolls. With Kristen, you always know this is a live girl.


i like the concept of the dress but i agree w/ you that it does make kristen look a little boxy. hell, it even looked boxy on the 6' model!!:p with that being said, i do like the look but i think her stylist can do better.


I do agree that the fit of the dress isn't good for her..Her boobs are small, and in this dress so not flattering..:)


kris looks gorgeous, she always does but its the dresses that usually mess up the look. I have not seen alteast one dress that completely won me over. Maybe its an unattractive dress or the dress just doesn't suit her, either way her stylist needs to experiment with her. kristens style is predictible. I love kristen but I'm getting tired of seeing her in ultra short, ultra tight dresses.


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She looks a bit tired. Her face is so pale, her eyes don`t sparkle and she has dark circles. In my opinion she should had make a break during her Eclipse Promo Tour. She looked so exhausted.

I beg you Pardon for my Bad English! I´m from GER


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