Kristen Stewart Fashion is now on Polyvore

I've been kind of playing with this idea since we had the dream Kristen outfits sets. I hope you guys will come and join *i'm the only member so far* and submit any Kristen related sets. It can be anything to do with our girl such as dream outfits, make- up, hair, art work or any other sets!

If you need to contact me in any way feel free to e-mail me at and i'll write back ASAP.

Join the Kristen Stewart Fashion group on Polyvore here:


This is too bizarre! I don't regularly look at polyvore, but for some reason earlier today I was remembering a few posts back when you mentioned that Kristen wore a pair of shoes that you had saved on polyvore, and I had been thinking that it would be cool to see your other "dream" outfits. I will definitely check it out!


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