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Kristen attended a screening for Eclipse in New York this evening. She continued to flaunt her newly auburn locks in yet another little black dress. I loved the braid in her hair tonight, it’s unusual to see this on Kristen and it makes a nice change to the other hairstyles we have seen on this press tour.  I think the the new hair colour is giving her a chance to revamp herself a little and so far i like what i see. Are you guys a fan of her new look?

Can we take a minute to admire this braid? (in love)

hair braid

Kristen wore a dress from the Roland Mouret Fall 2010 Collection. Kristen wears a modified black version with purple shell detailing. Strangely i have a folder on my laptop entitled ‘Kstew possible steeze’ and this dress was in there from several months ago. That’s four items now she has worn from that folder on this press tour! Yes i realise that story was pointless but i just though i would share. I love this dress and the shell detailing, i think the purple hues compliment her newly auburn hair nicely. Personally i believe Kristen is someone who is willing to take a fashion risk and this is what draws me to her. Some purple patent leather Louboutins pumps completed this look. 

In my opinion another NYC success.

Roland Mouret Fall 2010 Collection Dress with Shell Detailing (Kristen wears a black/purple version)

rouland mouret fall 2010           FP_IMAGE_5288023/FP_SET_5286784

 screening dress 1           screening dress 4

screening dress 2           screening dress 3

Christian Louboutin Bianca 140 patent-leather pumps


shoes close up          FP_IMAGE_5288020/FP_SET_5286784


screening shoes 1             screening shoes 4


*Thanks to kstewartfans, NYMag and Net-a-Porter for all the pictures. All pictures are copyright to their original owners.*

Did you like this look?

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I don't think those are the right shoes, here you can see that the platform is higher. I believe these are the right ones, but in another color.

What do you think?


she looks sooooooo gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!:D totally love the braid in her hair and how her hair color complements the purple in her dress, just like you said!!!!:) loving the hair color more and more. it really is starting to remind me of her hair color pre-joan jett, which i adored so much!!!!!:D


Yet another look you nailed from your‘Kstew possible steeze’ file, WTG!
Oh the braid is precious and goes perfect with her new color. I like the dress better with the purple accents, just seems more Kristen than the runway coloring. Those shoes are amazing, great pairing! Her make up is flawless as ever. Love the pale lip color, lets you focus on her gorgeous eyes.


she is looking great, and her makeup looks a bit different too.

can we have a peak inside you Kstew possible steeze file? so far, which ones came out correct?



at first i was like who's this on kristen stewart's fashion site?..

then i was like OMG. k-stew?
SHE LOOKS AMAZING!!!~ i love the braid in her hair<3
the make-up is fantastic. ^^

i think i just fell in love with her even more..


I absolutely LOVE her look. I love the style and the color of her hair. It brightens up her face and makes her skin look even more perfect. The dress is killer as usual, and of course, the Louboutins are UNF worthy. Great blog. :)




for some reason im getting suspicious of her long sleeve fashion stretch... anybody else???


yea, like hmmm did she get a tattoo or something? I doubt it, but that left arm has been covered a lot lately... I think it's just what she's into right now though. and yea, I love the braid, I want to learn how to do that

I've noticed whenever her hair is lighter her makeup seems to be lighter and more "clean" when she had the Joan Jett hair she had a lot of smokey darker eyes. I like the natural lip color too!


The braid is so cute!!~
Her looks in NYC definitely kill me!!~



she is sooo hot!!!I mean HOTTT!!!


I adore the hair and make-up !!!


Wooow. I mean - very sexy! I like her new hair, but here it looks much better than in the photos from David Letterman Taping. Really stunning. I like the pumps and the dress. And the make-up is absolutely wonderful.



I can't take anymore! too much gorgeousness! lol I LOVE that hair colour, I LOVE that plait! I LOVE the makeup! WOW WOW WOW. thanks for this post! xx


Love the braid in the hair and I really really love her hair color. It suits her so much. She was as stunning as always. She looks more confident ever since in the premiere in LA. She looks like she is having more fun with her fashion and her style! Love her.


OMG!!my fave thing is not even the clothes, is the hair and that braid.I can say that I'm an addict to all kinds of braids and this one is beautiful.It's definitely one of my favorite hairdos on her.I'm in lovee,yes!!


her lighter hair make her eyes POP!!~

love it :)

i think this is my FAVORITE look of hers.


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