Four Season's Hotel, June 13th

Good afternoon, a very quick post here just to provide you with a link and some info on where to purchase this tee worn by Kristen Stewart yesterday. She was pictured hanging out on a balcony at the Four Seasons hotel, in between press i think. She looks relaxed and turns to her favourite Bird by Juicy Couture for casual clothing. Bird by Juicy Couture happens to be worn by Kristen quite frequently (NYC runaways press leather leggings), it's quite a feminine brand so i find it rather amusing that this is a particular brand she favours. She's always surprising us.

So Kristen wore this Bird by Juicy Couture Distressed-print T-shirt and you can purchase it from net-a-porter here: for £115.

Bird by Juicy Couture Distressed-print T-shirt

*Thanks to kstewartfans and net-a-porter for all the pictures. All pictures are copyright to their original owners, i own none*

NOTE: I see there was a L.A press conference yesterday where Kristen appeared wearing a dress and heels. The heels, oh man i have a story to those heels but incase anyone is wondering they are Christian Louboutin Cosmo 120 python pumps and i love them. The dress i'm sure we'll get to as more pictures come out. There is currently very few which reminds me of the Runaways press confernce where it took a few weeks for decent pictures to surface. Until then i believe Kimmel is taping tonight and that always brings fantastic steeze ;)


I love that T-shirt, she looks fantastic!



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