Eclipse Premiere, L.A

Tonight was the premiere of Eclipse in L.A where Kristen and the rest of the cast attended. A big event and the excitement has been building for days on who will be the lucky designer to dress Kristen. One of the biggest actresses right now and one of the hottest movies for the summer......

Let's talk about the look in general. First of all i liked that she chose to wear her hair up and her make up as always was flawless. The updo made the outfit more classy and enabled her to show off the fantastic detailing on her dress.

Kristen wore a dress by Elie Saab and it comes from their Fall 2009 Couture collection. My thoughts on the dress? It was different and i liked that she took a risk. I'm still unsure as to why she chose a dress from a 2009 but the dress cut and detailing was pretty stunning and it fit Kristen well. Her back *ahem specifically her butt* was looking fantastic. Her shoes are by Christian Louboutin and are the Big Lips 120 suede pumps. Again another pair of shoes i was hoping to see Kristen wear! I loved this look, even if you aren't a fan of the dress she took a risk. She stood out, she was confident and she worked the red carpet. I'm proud and i personally feel Kristen was every inch the leading lady on that carpet tonight.

Elie Saab Fall 2009 Couture Collection One Sleeved Dress

Christian Louboutin Big Lips 120 suede pumps

*Thanks to, net-a-porter and kstewartfans for all the pictures. All pictures are copyright to their original owners, i own none.*

So tell me, did you all like this look? The comment box is as always for your opinions and be honest, i love reading what you guys have to say.

I feel another poll coming on.....


Man! You just posted about wanting her to wear those shoes! I think her PR people read your blog! LOL I loved the dress!




what shoes did she have on before? she said, on the carpet, that she had just changed them b/c her feet hurt & couldn't walk in them... hmmm???? I'm not that big a fan of the dress, but... i do like the cut out in the back... very eclipse-like.


Completely agree!! And I loved the red nails too :)


love it! she looks AMAZING as always. all in all i was very impressed with the promo tour and premiere outfits this year. i dont even know whatelse to say other than she looked FUCKING amazing. and of course u my dear are amazing for being able to call out 3 of the shoes before she even wore them! lots of <3 for you girly!


btw i think her nail polish is chanel's coromandel. i have the nail polish and lip color and it looks dead on the same.




i expected her to wear white or off-white something like that & i'm surprised to find it happening

after all those black dresses & the sites talking about her uninspired outfit; the regular mini black dresses ... i guess she was preparing for this look to come totally different

i was both surprised and unsurprised cause i saw it happening but i've already expected it too

and yeah her golden necklace i still can see it there ... any clue about it ?


I liked the dress.. I wish I could get it with a cap sleeve instead of long and a tulip finish at the bottom - floor length - for my wedding dress!! I would totally rock that down the alter! :D


No matter what she wears, her greatest asset are her eyes. But this ensemble made her a diva!


She's perfect! PERFECTION!!


i absolutely loved her look !!!! n the red nails added more to the look !!!!!! simply adorable :-)


ahhh there was that bracelet it was in her hand then later it's totally gone

u can see it here

and here


I didn't like the dress.Sorry!If it was strapless or with another cut,i'm sure it would be stunning.


It is Brilliant that her make up is never over done! so many stars overdo their make up, but Kristen always gets it spot on. I'm not massive on the dress, I like her in colours rather than blacks of whites, but you're right, she took a risk and it did pay off. :D


beautiful dress,and a beautiful woman. go Kristen!


i was amazed again at how kristen surprised me by changing up her look!!!!!:D i adore how she looks in this elie saab dress!!!!! it's sexy but the white and the gorgeous texture give it class:) omg, the cut of the back!!!!! whew, kristen is too HAWT!!!!! lol


She looks ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!~ She always surprises us!~ LOVE HER~



love the whole look, and her makeup is flawlessly done.
I just don't get why she got soo much hate when this is one of her best red carpet look.
did you guys hear some girl at the red carpet makred her face with a sharpie on purpose?


Surprising! However, I'm not sure about this dress, but the updo and the makeup are just perfect.



I remember seeing Kristen without her shoes at this event because she said they were killing her and she just had to take them off. Not very comfortable.


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