Eclipse Fan Event, Rome

Am i the only person whose twitter broke? I swear it cut off right as the pictures of this event started to come in. That's Twitter for you...... reliable as always. Now on to this dress.

I die.

THIS my friends is how you rock a LBD. This particular dress is from the Marchesa Fall 2010 Collection. We knew she was going to wear Marchesa due to the fact they all but told us on Twitter but Marchesa is one of my label crushes, their designs are feminine, edgy and simply stunning. This is how you sum up this full look, stunning. I love the hair tied back, it tidies the whole look up and adds class. The dress stands alone, there's no need for any dramatic hair so the hair was perfect. Love the dramatic structure of the dress, it is youthful, sexy and elegant. She couldn't have picked a better look. The shoes some of you recognised she wore the same style of shoe to the BAFTAS in ivory. The shoes are by Roger Vivier and are a black satin version of the 'Sport chic' pump. A dramatic dress was exactly what this tour needed to kick the steeze up a notch. This promotion tour steeze is now officially rivaling the New Moon tour. I hope Kristen continues with the bold fashion statements.

Marchesa Fall 2010 Black Floral Cocktail Dress

Roger Vivier Sport Chic Pump (Kristen wears these in black satin)

*Thanks to kstewartcentral, and for all the pictures. All pictures are copyright to their original owners, i own none.*


this is so spot love!! it's exactly how you update a classic LBD



She really looks stunning!


Very sexy. I saw a back shot of the dress and it's quite striking with just a thin diagonal strap keeping it all together at the back. Most skin I have seen our girl display. Still so incredibly classy. :)

I love it. She looks really gorgeous. I still wish to see more color on her even though I know she loves black. However, in this case, I don't mind the lack of color. Can't wait to see what she wears in Berlin.


i was wondering for a while what the black bracelet she wears in the picture and a few other occasions? can you identify it, if you can? thank you :)


Her bracelet is simply a black shoelace tied around her wrist.


Everytime this girl kills me~



shes just beautiful...


I was stunned when I saw this. She looks gorgeous and she pulls it off big time!!


She wore the same shoes just in white satin at the Bafta awards right? :)


Yes i've wrote it in the above post. Same shoes just in a different colour.


Wow. Very, very dapperly. Athough I'm not so sure about this dress. The top is quite weird, I mean, in my opinion these flounces are too big, too overwhelming. But it's just my opinion. Otherwise she looks perfect.



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