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EW Magazine 3

Kristen is featured along with Eclipse cast mates in the latest EW Magazine. Kristen has her own solo cover whilst the Robert and Taylor have their joint one. I love the look of this shoot in general. It’s simple using natural shades of clothing on Kristen, Taylor and Robert.

This is a small look and i have just a two items to post  for this shoot. In the cover shot and another shot within the magazine Kristen is wearing a Inhabit NY Cotton Essential Tank  in ‘Biscuit’ which you can purchase here for $128. I love the shade of this tank, I'd love to see Kristen experiment with green hues in the future.

EW Magazine 1

Inhabit NY Cotton Essential Tank  in ‘Biscuit’

Inhabit NY Essential Tank 1

Inhabit NY Essential Tank 2 Inhabit NY Essential Tank 3

Kristen is pictured here with Robert and Taylor and wears a Hoorsenbuhs Leather Strap Cuff which is available to purchase here for $550. This cuff features a long leather strap that wraps around the wrist to become a cuff. The strap fastens with two silver buckles; one with the signature Tri-link detail.

EW Magazine 2

Hoorsenbuhs Leather Strap Cuff

Hoorsenbuhs Leather Strap Cuff 1

 Hoorsenbuhs Leather Strap Cuff 2Hoorsenbuhs Leather Strap Cuff 3


*All pictures from kstewartfans, Browns Fashion and Inhabit NY. All pictures are copyright to their original owners.*

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Simply gorgeous! Love your write up.

If only I could find one of the K covers. Grrr...


You rock girl. Don't let anyone (hateful spoiler!)tell you otherwise. They probs dress like a dinner lady.


Please do a make-up breakdown for this one; I'm desperate to know the lip color the make-up artist used on Kristen! Thanks :)


Looooove it. Beautiful pic. I've been wondering what she's got on her hand. I would never think it's a belt. Adorable :D



Wow. She is so beautiful. I love the color of her hair.


okay where do they sell the Hoorsenbuhs Leather Strap Cuff?


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