Love Ranch Premiere

Well this was a suprise appearance, for me anyway. I literally just woke up to these pictures of Kristen attending the Love Ranch premiere. Her look was pretty simple and she looked suprisingly happy and upbeat considering she has been travelling all over the world for Eclipse promotion.

Kristen wore a Azzaro dress from the Fall 2010 collection. Like many dresses from this promotional tour it has been slightly modified so that it is a mini dress for Kristen. The dress itself i really like, it looks comfortable and i love the sweetheart neckline cut. The neckline isn't fitted well to her and it could use some support but thats the material of the dress as opposed to Kristen. I loved the belt and the crystal embellishment detailing on the dress. She tops the whole look off with some Sergio Rossi black satin pumps. These pumps are a particular favourite of hers as she has worn them several times in the last months. I really love the shoes with this dress, they compliment her fantastic legs. She accessories simply with her favourite Seiko watch, simple and classic. All in all i really liked this outfit and it makes me excited for the Eclipse premiere, which i will be staying up late tonight to see some pictures of. Hopefully a blog will accompany the look tonight......can't wait to see what Kristen wears.

Azzaro Fall 2010 Collection Dress (Modified for Kristen)

Sergio Rossi Peep Toe Pumps

Seiko Watch

*Thanks to, fashion avenue and kstewartfans for all the pictures. All pictures are copyright to their original owners, i own none.*

Another fantastic look, are you excited for tonight? I am. I'll meet you there ;)


u r awesome kstew fashion..pls continue this great work..


Kristen seems to become slimmer~ Maybe due to her busy promotion tour.



I love this look but Kristen's legs are getting scary skinny!!! It looks like they're just about to break! :(


She is gorgeous as always but I do agree I hope she is taking care of herself. She seems to have lost a lot of weight. I know the promo tour has been stressful so I hope she gets to get some rest soon and take care of herself again. Anyways - love this look!


hey Kiki, glad u´re back! how was your trip?
i was wondering why you haven´t post any candid looks lately... there had been some nice ones that u haven´t talked about... but thanks a lot anyway!


Wow. Kristen looked gorgeous. She wore the dress better than the model did.
Kristen looks so skinny, a little bit too skinny. But I know she's gonna be okay after all the promoting.


Loooove this look. those shoes are seriously as tall as me! jealous!
she looked great!
Scout Taylor-Compton is in Love Ranch, I wonder if Kristen was there to support her! Anyway, surprise appearance! such a delight!


Wow, this is absolutely stunning!!!
Love the dress and the pumps. I think these pumps are my favourite, though I don't believe how she can walk in them :D
But what with this necklace? I've seen it at close range in HQ photos from "Love Ranch" premiere and now I'm really curious about it.



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